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The Mexican Prosecutor’s Office accuses Ricardo Anaya, the main opponent of bribes

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Three months after the middle of the six-year term from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the most prominent opposition leader is not even in Mexico. As just reported by the National Institute of Migration, Ricardo Anaya He self-exiled himself from the country on a private flight on July 5 from Reynosa, a city on the border with the United States. The most visible political figure facing the current president, has just been accused of criminal association, bribery and money laundering within the framework of the ‘Odebrecht case‘. He was gaining popularity with his statements on social networks and, above all, his intended tour of a thousand municipalities to “live the problems” of the Mexican people.

The Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico points to Anaya for allegedly receive about 6.8 million pesos (about 272,000 euros) by Emilio Lozoya, former director of the state oil company Pemex, for the opposition leader to vote in favor of the energy reform promoted by Enrique Peña Nieto, the former Mexican president. The leaders of his party, the PRI, negotiated with other political formations such as the PAN, the PRD and the Citizen Movement the change of energy that materialized in the ‘Pact for Mexico’ that opened private investment -both national and foreign- to refining, petrochemicals and transportation of hydrocarbons.

So far there is 70 indicted for the ‘Odebrecht case‘which affects deputies of multiple political formations and includes the former president and his right hand man. According to the newspaper ‘El Economista’, Lozoya Austin and Miguel Pérez Esquivel -two senior officials in the Peña Nieto stage- collaborate with the Attorney General’s Office. Presumably they are the ones who have brought to light the bribes of Ricardo Anaya, the national leader of the PAN, considered the Mexican right and second political party in the past midterm elections in which he managed to agglutinate 18% of the votes.

Anaya ran for the 2018 presidential elections in which López Obrador rose to power with more than 53% of the votes. In the Mexican Republic there is no political figure of the leader of the opposition, just as the US political model does not challenge the current president in parliament. Still, the now accused personalized the most famous presidential candidate. The outraged opponent has defended himself, via Twitter, ensuring that his vote in favor of the energy reform was carried out eight months before the delivery of the money for which the Prosecutor’s Office indicates him. At the moment, he will not testify until October 4, in the hearing against him that the federal judge of the North Prison, Gustavo Aquiles Villaseñor, has delayed. “The accused did not have access to the investigation folder of the case, which hinders his right to an adequate defense,” the magistrate ruled.

President Andrés Manuel was unable to reach La Mañanera (his morning speech) today because of a demonstration of teachers in Chiapas that prevented his passage. In his previous dissertation, he spent more than an hour talking about Anaya. His political figure is touched despite the fact that he attracted 12 million votes and has the support of former presidents like Fox and Calderón who have wanted to emphasize the use of institutions to mark the candidate.

The PAN, his party, has declared that “any accusation against Anaya is an accusation against the PAN and for freethinking Mexicans who fight for democracy and the right to dissent.” Other candidates unknown to the electorate such as Diego Sinhue, Maru Campos or Governor Francisco Domínguez they sound like possible opponents while the president obtains a 58% approval in what will be his last term.

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