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The Mexican ‘youtuber’ YosStop will remain two more months in prison

The Mexican influencer Yoseline Hoffman.
The Mexican influencer Yoseline Hoffman.RRSS

The influencer YosStop, with more than 10 million followers, will remain in jail. A judge ordered on Wednesday night to extend the investigation into the crime of child pornography against Yoseline Hoffman for two more months. During a hearing, the magistrate decided to give a couple of months to gather more evidence and carry out other procedures. During this time the defense and the accusing party may provide evidence. The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office arrested the youtuber on June 29 after the complaint that the young Ainara Suárez filed against her for reproducing, storing and publicizing a video showing the group rape that Suárez suffered at a party, in May 2018, when she was 16 years old. . Due to the extension of the term, YosStop will continue in preventive detention in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison, south of the capital.

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The youtuber’s lawyer, Ricardo Cajal, declared to local media that he would continue to provide evidence for the oral trial and, in parallel, they presented an appeal so that there is the possibility of protection. After months of investigation, the judge will decide which evidence may be presented in the oral trial and which will be discarded. The litigant admitted that another possibility is that an early exit from the process be agreed, among other ways, if an agreement is reached with the young Suárez. “Prison is not the only option, there are alternative means of solution that are in the law and that establish certain requirements, if as far as possible it is considered feasible one can reach an early exit, but if it cannot be, then no, ”he explained. The defense attorney assured that Hoffman is well and “in a reflective stage of his life.”

The arrest of the youtuber occurred three months after Ainara Suárez filed a complaint against Hoffman for, reproducing, storing and publicizing a video in which a group rape suffered as well as the five young people who sexually assaulted her in 2018 was shown The 30-year-old arrested woman admitted in one of her YouTube videos having seen the recording of the sexual assault on Ainara, about which Hoffman also insulted Suárez, calling her a “whore” and a “asshole prostitute”. Since her involvement in the process was determined, family, friends and supporters of the Mexican influencer have turned to social networks to demand her release.

At the end of July, one of Suárez’s alleged assailants was also detained at the Mexico City airport. According to local authorities, the 19-year-old intended to travel to Miami. The defendant has already been linked to the trial for the crime of equal rape and a judge issued as a precautionary measure the internment of the young man in the Community of Comprehensive Diagnosis for Adolescents.

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