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The Milan Prosecutor’s Office wants to question Hugo ‘el Pollo’ Carvajal about illegal financing of the left




The Milan Prosecutor’s Office intends to question Hugo ‘el Pollo’ Carvajal, the former head of Venezuela’s secret services, on money laundering and illegal party financing. Specifically, the Italian justice intends to question Carvajal about the alleged financing of the 5-Star Movement, with 3.5 million euros. This information on financing from Chavismo to the M5E, published in June 2020 by the newspaper ABC, had great repercussion in Italy. After the huge political scandal that ABC information caused in Italy, the Milan Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation with the hypothesis of illegal party financing and black money laundering. Now, according to the newspaper La Stampa, the magistrates want to question Hugo Carvajal, who in a written statement confirmed to the judge of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, the financing of Chavismo to various parties, including We can, which denied the information, and at 5 Star Movement, founded in 2009 by Gianroberto Casaleggio, who died in 2016, and the comedian Beppe Grillo. Textually, this was the statement of ‘el Pollo’ Carvajal: «Another example of the many communist movements around the world financed by Maduro and of which I received a detailed report, is the one related to the 5-star Movement at the hands of Gianroberto Casaleggio, the which was reported by the Military Attaché Office of Venezuela in Italy where it was learned that a suitcase with 3.5 million euros in cash was sent“Says Hugo Carvajal, who adds that this money was” endorsed and authorized by then-Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro and that it was taken to that country through a diplomatic bag. ” According to the documents of the Venezuelan secret services published by ABC, Gianroberto Casaleggio considered him the “promoter of a revolutionary and anti-capitalist left movement in the Italian Republic.”

The claim of the Milan Prosecutor’s Office could have an impact on the current judicial situation of Carvajal, detained in Spain for a month and a half by order of the United States, which requested his extradition. This could be delayed, at the request of the magistrates of Milan, carried out by means of a rogatory commission, that is, a communication between courts of different countries for the practice of judicial proceedings. In matters of justice, they are very good relations between Spain and ItalyA chapter in which Judge Manuel García Castellón, who for five years was the liaison magistrate in Rome between the Italian and Spanish justice, contributed in a special way.

The objective of the Italian magistrates is, according to the Stampa, to interrogate ‘el Pollo’ before his extradition to the United States. «The investigations entrusted to the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Finance Guard aim to find out the alleged financing, understand the role of Consul Di Martino and the other intermediaries involved, who would have received the 3.5 million euros in Italy as well as the late Casaleggio and for what purpose they were used. Especially if there are other more recent episodes to investigate.

Hugo Carvajal García Castellón’s revelations about the illegal financing of parties, in particular the 5-Star Movement, were echoed in the Italian media and a political storm arose last week. Among the first to ask for explanations has been Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy: “We know from the newspaper Il Giornale – Giorgia Meloni- affirmed that the former head of Chávez’s military intelligence, Hugo Carvajal, would have confirmed to the Spanish justice the financing of the parties that are friends of the Venezuelan regime throughout the world. Among these would also be the M5S. A piece of news broadcast in the past by the Spanish newspaper ABC, which had spoken of a briefcase with three and a half million euros in cash sent to Gianroberto Casaleggio by Nicolás Maduro, then Chávez’s chancellor and now president of Venezuela, “summarized the leader of Brothers from Italy. Giorgia Meloni asked «officially the 5 Star Movement and its president, Giuseppe Conte [exprimer ministro]That they clarify these news and politically distance themselves from the communist dictatorship of Caracas, which is starving its people and forcing millions of people to flee their homeland.

At the same time, Deputy Augusta Montaruli, from the Brothers of Italy, has brought the case to parliament. Montaruli has asked the Interior Minister, Luciana Lamorgese, through a parliamentary question, to adopt measures “to verify a possible interference by a foreign state in national politics and government decisions.” For his part, Nicola Danti, MEP of Italia Viva recalled that “in the European Parliament, in the last legislature, lThe members of the M5E always voted against or abstained on motions condemning the Venezuelan regime.

Faced with Hugo Carvajal’s complaint and its repercussion in the media, Davide Casaleggio, son of the co-founder of M5E, who died in 2016, immediately replied: “My father never received money from the Venezuelan government. Last year it was already shown that the document presented as evidence had been falsified with Photoshop, ”explains Casaleggio, president of the Rousseau Association. To defend the memory of his father, Casaleggio even sent a letter to the President of the Republic, Segio Mattarella, in which he asked that “the truth about a disappeared person who has always made moral integrity his own beacon be restored.”

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