Monday, May 23

The Minister of Finance of Colombia who promoted the tax reform resigns




After consecutive days of violent protests in Colombia against the tax reform presented by the Administration of Ivan Duque, the Minister of Finance Alberto Carrasquilla placeholder image, which promoted this reform, resigned from his position since his continuity in the Government “would make it difficult to quickly and efficiently build the necessary consensus.”

Carrasquilla has met with the Colombian president at the Nariño Palace, who has accepted his resignation, and whom the former minister thanked “for the honor of having appointed him,” according to a statement from the Treasury portfolio. The letter also indicates how Carrasquilla has conveyed to the president that “the withdrawal of the initiative that he filed in the Congress of the Republic (the tax reform) is an opportunity to initiate and to provide a serene and constructive dialogue that leads to the consensus that the country urgently requires.

Carrasquilla’s resignation after Duque’s withdrawal of the tax reform project was an open secret, since this was the big project of the former minister, as well as the flame that ignited the demonstrations in Colombian cities. “On the one hand, it is essential to give continuity to the social and economic protection programs that began to expire since last March. On the other hand, in the absence of a gradual and orderly tax reform, the country’s macroeconomic stability would be seriously compromised, “added Carrasquilla in a resignation statement.

After the news, Duque has confirmed that he has accepted Carrasquilla’s complaint through his Twitter account, where he has also shown his “gratitude and respect always for his contribution (that of Carrasquilla) at the head of the economic team. During his management, important achievements were achieved, among them an unprecedented social program to face the pandemic, “he stressed.

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Duque has appointed José Manuel Restrepo, who until now was in charge of the Ministry of Commerce, as the new head of the Treasury. “Economist with a Master’s Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and a Doctorate in Administration from the University of Bath, former rector of the Universidad del Rosario, and with an enormous vocation to serve the country,” Duque has described to the new minister.

New call

Despite the withdrawal of the tax reform project, and the head of the Treasury and creator of the initiative, the National Unemployment Committee has convened for next Wednesday, May 5 a new day of protests. In a statement, he has summoned «once again all citizens to maintain and increase the actions of the national strike, and to carry out on May 5 a great democratic, peaceful and civilized mobilization that, in strict compliance with biosafety regulations, demands to the Government the points outlined ».

In addition, the student organizations and unions that make up this committee they have called for “demilitarizing the cities”. Among his demands is the negotiation of his emergency plan, which includes withdrawing the health reform and a basic income of one million pesos, reports ‘El Espectador’. This Monday was the sixth consecutive day of protests and mobilizations throughout the entire national geography. In Bogotá, Medellín, Cúcuta, Cartagena, Duitama, Montería, Barranquilla, Ibagué, Cali, among other cities in the country, there have been demonstrations.

On this day, blockades have been notified again in cities such as Medellín or Bogotá, where the public transport system has also been affected. Also in Cali, one of the hottest points of these mobilizations, there have been blockades, which according to the local press, have caused a shortage of supplies in the city, since the entrances and exits to the urban nucleus have been blocked these five days of protests.

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