Thursday, January 20

The Minister of Housing assures that Porfirio Pascual is a “preferred destination” in the search for European funds

The Second Vice President and Minister of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, Héctor Illueca, has assured that Elche “is one of the municipalities where we are investing the most in actions of urban regeneration and housing, with a total investment of 35 million of euros “.

This was stated after the meeting with Mayor Carlos González in which they discussed the main housing projects that are underway in the municipality, such as Los Palmerales or San Antón. At the meeting they were accompanied by the regional secretary for Housing, Alejandro Aguilar, the general director of l´Entitat Valenciana d´Habitatge i Sòl (EVha), César Jiménez, the councilor for Urban Planning, Ana María Arabid, and the councilor for Equality , Mariano Varela.

Another great area of ​​collaboration between the Generalitat and the City Council will be the improvement of the Carrús neighborhood and that it will be linked to European Next Generation funds. This intervention seeks a significant improvement of the environment from the point of view of accessibility, energy efficiency and urban regeneration. Moreover, according to the minister, these funds will have the Porfirio Pascual area as a “preferred destination”. In fact, the Department of Urbanism ensures that it has a study on the table since April in which it quantifies the total cost of rehabilitating and redeveloping this group of houses: around 12 million euros.

“I have come to reinforce an alliance between our institutions to make the right to housing a fundamental vector of citizens”, Hector Illueca has assured.

The municipal and regional representatives have visited Los Palmerales after the demolition of the building on Llimoners street corresponding to numbers 21 and 23. In this group of public housing, the Second Vice-Presidency completed an Urban Regeneration and Renovation Area (Arru) with an investment of 2.56 million euros.

This action is part of the public park dignity plan launched by the Generalitat. “We have to ensure that all the people who live in the public park have the best conditions to develop their lives,” said the vice president.

Continuing with the rehabilitation of the neighborhood, the commitment of the Department was to overthrow the buildings of Llimoners 21 and 23 before the end of 2021 and this has been done, thanks to an investment of 184,485 euros. At present the building is demolished, in the final phase of processing of waste management.

The deteriorated state and the conflict that was concentrated in these blocks urged a joint solution. In this sense, the vice president has highlighted the effort made by the Generalitat and the Elx City Council to “solve the situation and develop a coordinated intervention.”

In addition, there is currently a planned investment of 7.5 million euros for the launch of a new promotion of 75 rental homes affordable in Los Palmerales, through a call for a preliminary draft competition with the participation of a jury.

Another of the issues highlighted by Illueca has been the actions that are taking place in the San Antón neighborhood. This intervention is part of the Arru that will involve a total investment of 22.7 million euros and the intervention in 339 homes. The plan is being developed in two phases.

The first part, with a cost of 18.1 million, includes buildings 1 and 2, with 74 and 120 homes respectively, whose work has already been completed. It also includes building 3, with 90 homes, which is awaiting approval of the basic project by the City Council. The second phase, at a cost of 4.6 million, involves the construction of 55 homes with type B energy rating.

The vice president recalled the investment effort that the Second Vice Presidency is making to improve the conditions of public housing. In Elche, 768,000 euros have been earmarked for this purpose.

Social housing

On the other hand, Héctor Illueca has highlighted that another of the mainstays of the Vice Presidency is the expansion of the public park. “Only in Elche have we acquired in recent months 25 homes to incorporate them into our park. For this we have put in place different mechanisms such as the right of first refusal and withdrawal, direct purchase from Sareb or the contest, which are giving us excellent results “, he concluded.

Finally, the mayor of Elche thanked the vice president for the visit and expressed his satisfaction after a “very positive working meeting aimed at strengthening collaboration” that is being carried out in this legislature to develop the three major actions that will improve the life of citizenship.

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