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The minor who was hospitalized in Don Benito after receiving a puncture is discharged

Two complaints have already been filed in Extremadura, one in Castuera and another in Madrigal de la Vera

The minor who remained admitted to the Pediatrics area of ​​​​the Don Benito-Villanueva hospital after having suffered punctures has already been discharged. The Extremadura Health Service has confirmed TODAY that the young woman has already left the hospital.

In Extremadura, two complaints have already been filed for punctures: one in Madrigal de la Vera and another in Castuera.

The family of one of the two minors who suffered a puncture last Sunday, August 7, resident in the Badajoz municipality of Castuera, has filed a complaint with the Civil Guard of that town for the events. The complaint was filed the same Sunday.

From the Civil Guard they confirm that the minor has not been the victim of a chemical submission, since it has been ruled out that some type of toxic substance was inoculated, as confirmed by the toxicological examination itself. The same sources have specified that, although the tests have been negative, there is an open and ongoing investigation to clarify the facts and find out who was the author of that puncture and its intention.

One of the minors who suffered a puncture last Sunday files a complaint

What they have not clarified is whether the complaint corresponds to the girl who was admitted to the Pediatrics area of ​​the Don Benito-Villanueva hospital after having suffered punctures or to the one who was discharged. As for the minor who was hospitalized, her prognosis was not serious, as explained on Tuesday by the second vice president of the Junta de Extremadura and Minister of Health, José María Vergeles. “She is still hospitalized and her prognosis, in principle, is not serious, although it is true that with everything minor we have to reserve a lot of the information we give,” she pointed to questions from the media, according to Europa Press this Tuesday morning .

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Second complaint

This is the second complaint in Extremadura for an alleged attempt at chemical submission through puncture. The first was set for similar events in the town of Madrigal de la Vera in Cáceres. The alleged events occurred in the mobile disco at dawn last Saturday. Precisely on the 5th the ‘Christ Boys’ festivities began in the town. The young woman’s father, also a minor, reported the possible puncture with toxic substances to her daughter, who had a skin rash on her thigh and fainted. After what happened, the protocol for possible chemical submission was activated. The minor was transferred to the Campo Arañuelo hospital in Navalmoral de la Mata and examined by a forensic doctor. She did not require hospitalization.

This case is already in court. Proceedings have been opened in the Court of Instruction number 2 of Navalmoral de la Mata, starting an investigation. For now, the author has not been identified and there are no detainees for the events.

The Minister of Health has once again highlighted this Tuesday that the protocols for possible chemical submission have worked. «I am glad that the protocols against punctures work, it is an important advance. But as long as they occur I cannot be satisfied at all. Even if it is only the puncture, it is a form of aggression against women, and we have to banish that. We will act in an integral way », he has expressed.

Vergeles has emphasized the need and importance of social awareness. “Only yes is yes, the eradication of any form of machismo, no matter how micro, must be at the base of the prevention of punctures,” he said. In addition, he has insisted that in order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to continue working on generating healthy leisure and counting on the commitment of the administrations and leisure venues.

The counselor explained that this issue is part of the administration of Justice and stressed that he would like all cases to be reported. «It seems to me that women cannot be subjected to one more limitation in their leisure life due to the fear now that they will be chemically subjected. It does not seem to me that this is neither a healthy society nor a fair society », he has indicated.

Likewise, regarding the performance of health professionals in accordance with the protocol with which the community deals with possible cases of chemical submission, he has said that these personnel have the mission of detecting aggressions in general and what they do is issue reports of injuries, that facilitates that, if the victim later wants to file a complaint, the injury report is already in court.


The first cases of complaints of punctures to women in nightlife venues or environments arose after the celebration of San Fermines and increased in the country during the rest of July.

Given the wave of cases, the different administrations, including the Junta de Extremadura, have informed health professionals of the increase in complaints of this practice in nightlife and have published a series of informative guides with advice and recommendations on how to act .

Mainly, it is recommended not to feel ashamed or afraid and to communicate it to the closest environment in order to receive help. If you notice the puncture, it is advisable to go to a health center as soon as possible or call 112 Extremadura to try to locate toxic substances in the blood that show the attack. Likewise, it would be necessary to contact one of the State security forces and bodies and file a complaint.

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