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The mistakes you should not make if you win El Gordo de la Lotería de Navidad this 2020




Miracles happen and dreams are fulfilled. Imagine that December 22 arrives. The bug has already spread into your stomach. His nerves have run over him and he anxiously awaits children of San Ildefonso cheer up a year marked by Covid-19 with the hum of a few numbers. Some concrete ones, hell: the ones printed on your Christmas Lottery ticket. Shortly before the end of the draw the drums spit out the magic combination and, by magic, 2020 does not seem like a nightmare from which you long to wake up. «El Gordo has touched us“, it states. Okay; surely you would say it with many more exclamations. «El Gordo has touched us !!!!».

The first few minutes are the worst. Or they must be, because the writer has never felt the warm kiss of the goddess Fortuna during the Christmas lottery. It is likely that the hunger of the new rich will win you over. “I’m going to buy a yacht, and let my brother-in-law die of envy.” Do not deny it, that revanchist point is burned into our character since the Visigoths began the forging of Spain by pushing away their rivals with the blow of a knife.

But the key is calm and think. Not because in Madrid, where you live, there is no sea to use it, but because most banks advise, among other things, to act with caution.

The first commandment before the happy unforeseen event of winning Fat It consists of not getting excited about false and double checking that your number has, in fact, been awarded. If there is something worse than not putting a penny in your pocket during the Christmas lottery, That is to have seen a 0 where in reality there was a 6 and to realize this when going to collect the amount from the bank on duty. Check to avoid future tantrums that the winning combination is the same as yours. And do it before you tell your backyard neighbor out loud that he’s a billionaire.

Because that is another, that we know each other. When you have confirmed that you have won Fat don’t spend your first hundred euros on calls to tell everyone. Resist the urge to rub the bills in the face of the most annoying members of the family and give only the happy news to those closest to you. And, also, avoid revealing the specific amount you have obtained to avoid uncomfortable situations and repeat like a litany that of “we’ll talk about if I give you a pinch.” Of course, you don’t have to put up with unreliable advice on how to invest your money.

Although experts such as the professor in psychology Antonio Cano Vindel have confirmed in the dossier “Why do we play the Christmas Lottery?” that the mind prepares us for both scenarios (yes, also for victory, no matter how small the possibilities may be), both you and I know that euphoria is unleashed. So bet on discretion in the early days.

In ABC you can check if your tenth has been awarded instantly

In this sense, the ideal is go to a bank to collect the prize (no, they won’t give you the millions of Fat in the Lottery administration) and ask for advice there so as not to squander your fortune. Remember that according to statistics, only 20% of winners have not lost most of their winnings in a decade.

Another of the most common mistakes is setting fire to the credit card. Not literally, but by treasuring those little quirks you’ve always wanted as a convertible with heated seats (they exist, yes, although it sounds like a marvel of technology) or a gold cat feeder. Do not do it. Although money seems infinite, the reality is that tickets run out sooner than it seems and that, according to the data that economic experts have offered ABC throughout these years, it is not possible to live on the income offered by the Christmas Lottery without investing.

The key, you may believe, is paying off outstanding debts and getting on with your normal life. The dream of winning the Christmas Lottery and stop working is impossible.

Finally, and as confirmed by some banks, the best thing you can do is avoid risking your money in the murky waters of the stock market. According to experts, you should not invest everything you get in the Christmas lottery in a single entity. The key is to diversify so that, in the event of failure, the earnings of Fat don’t go down the drain. In fact, the safest thing is to bet on a fixed-term deposit. It will give you fewer benefits, no doubt, but also much more security.

That said, you just have to enjoy. Do not forget that you are the brand new winner of thousands and thousands of euros.

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