Monday, November 30

The MITECO releases the project to improve the Postiguet beach in Alicante to public information

El Postiguet beach in a file image.

El Postiguet beach in a file image.

The Directorate General of the Coast and the Sea of Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), has released the improvement project from Postiguet beach, in Alicante, along with his study of environmental impact. The objective of this project is to restore the beach to its good condition and its functions of coastal defense and recreational use.

The section of action corresponds to the northern sector of Postiguet beach, specifically the Cocó area, located northeast of it. In this area is the tombstone formed by the 160-meter-long free-standing dam that causes the beach to be divided into two sections, and further north, a longitudinal breakwater that protects the coastal edge where the “La Marina” station is located. , the Metropolitan TRAM of Alicante and Isla Marina and the Club de Regatas.

To the southwest of the tombolo, the Postiguet Beach is located, which behaves like a stable beach embedded between the dock of the port of Alicante and the aforementioned tombolo. It has a length of 705 meters and a variable width between 34 and 80 meters.

In the extreme north, the very dynamics of the coastline causes a movement of sand towards the mouth of the Club de Regatas located 500 meters away and, therefore, since 2014, this sand has been dredged and returned to its origin. However, the current situation has not been improved, since, although it has been achieved that the shore line does not continue to recede, there is no beach with the desired width, in accordance with the conditions projected at the time of construction. the dam exempted in 1995.

Ensure a stable beach and the quality of the waters

Given the problems presented, it is necessary to undertake a restoration action on this coastal section to restore the beach to its good condition, and thus be able to correctly perform the functions of coastal defense, flora and fauna habitat, and recreational use, which must exercise naturally.

The planned actions will make it possible to interrupt the current transport of sediments that occurs from the Cocó beach to the Club de Regatas and that causes progressive losses of sand and generate a stable beach width on the stretch of the Cocó coast that performs the defense function nature of the walk located in its backyard and allows the use and enjoyment of the beach users in conditions of comfort and safety. The beach will also be isolated from the discharge of rainwater and wastewater from the Cocó drainage located to the north, seeking to improve the quality of the water for bathing and the rate of renewal of the waters in the Cocó area will be improved, thus avoiding the occurrence of episodes of eutrophication of waters.

For the Cocó stretch of Postiguet beach, the project includes the following actions:

  • Total dismantling of the current exempt jetty with reuse of materials, approximately 160 meters long and with a crest elevation of +0.5 meters above sea level.

  • Construction of a new breakwater made up of two alignments, with a total length of 178 meters. For its correct foundation, a dredging with a total volume of 1,419.60 m3 of the bottom is proposed. The formation of the new beach, depending on the shape of the plan and the equilibrium profile designed in the project, will be achieved mainly by letting the action of the littoral dynamics be the one that modifies the current profile and plan of the hemithymbol.

However, as a reinforcement of the active dynamics, the redistribution by land means of part of the dry beach that makes up the current hemithymbol is foreseen. The relocation of sand will be carried out from the dry beach to the new sheltered area of ​​the breakwater and, in no case, is the contribution of external sand considered.

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