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The modest football locker room where you pay in black with plastic bags full of dollars



A Murcian club of the Third Division RFEF paid this Thursday part of the amounts owed to members of its staff through the cash dollar delivery, a practice that ABC has learned is not the first time it has been carried out. «It is a very peculiar club. In that dressing room I have seen bags with Canadian dollars with which some members of the team were paid, ”explains a person who was linked to the club when consulted by this newspaper.

A member of the coaching staff charged this Thursday several months in cash and some players also received cash, which was given to them in dollars and not in euros, as this newspaper has been able to confirm. An unusual practice. “It is not normal, at all, for football clubs or companies based in Spain to collect or pay their obligations through a currency that is not legal tender, with only the euro being the valid currency in Spain,” he says. Antonio Gea, expert sports lawyer consulted by this newspaper.

In this sense, it must be remembered that last July the new Law against Fraud, in which the amount that is allowed to pay in cash was reduced. Now, that limit is at 1,000 euros, a figure that exceeds the chips of some club players who paid on Thursday with dollars, who are now forced to change that money to euros. «The player must now go to the bank to request the currency exchange and will have to justify the origin of said amount. Especially if they are high amounts. You can be a participant, although unwittingly, in the commission of any economic crime such as money laundering, ”warns Antonio Gea.

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«The cash collection of an undeclared amount as a result of a professional activity, in this case as an athlete / soccer player, is considered as payment in black. Threading with the above, the clubs have the obligation to pay salaries in euros, if in addition to not paying them by bank transfer, they do so in cash and in a different currency, it clearly denotes that some irregularity is being committed, “adds the lawyer.

Despite the glamor it shows on its social networks, this Murcian club, which maintains important debts with suppliers, He has been going through financial problems for a long time and has been able to start the new season after reaching agreements with players who had filed complaints for non-payments before the AFE.

The team's jerseys, one without a name, another with him covered with tape
The team jerseys, one without a name, another with him covered with tape – ABC

However, their problems with suppliers continue and the team, which has already started the League, had to play last day with the third kit from last season. It was ridiculous. There were players with jerseys in which the names were covered with tape because they were from footballers who are no longer at the club. Others wore nameless shirts and in other elastic ones the name did correspond to the player who wore it. Crazy ”, they explain to ABC.

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