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The moments of the Oscars 2021: from Glenn Close’s dogging to the sex of Daniel Kaluuya’s parents


The veteran actress was encouraged to dance to the song Da Butt that Spike Lee popularized in his late 80s movie ‘School Daze’

Glenn Close and his dance at the Oscars
Glenn Close and his dance at the OscarsPool
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“Perreo to the ground and self-esteem to heaven.” The phrase, turned into a recurring meme in social networks, could well define the night of the Oscars of Glenn Close. There was no award for his performance, the eighth time he looks closely at the statuette, but it does not end in the living room of his house. But there was enough self-esteem to bring the dog to the ground.

Was when Lil Rel Howery, In the middle of questioning the nominees about songs, he approached the 74-year-old actress and asked for the music to be played. And Glenn Close, a diva in her own right, not only knew the answer, but also the dance, giving away the meme of the night to the rhythm of Da Butt, the song that Spike Lee popularized in his late 80s movie School Daze.

And, it is that in an Oscars that were eternalized again despite the efforts of the director Steven Soderbergh, it had to be the female veteran who gave the great moments of the gala. If Close is the dance, Korean Youn Yuh-jungIt was her turn to put the discursive humor when she went up for her Oscar for best supporting actress.

“Mr. Pitt, nice to meet you”

No other was in charge of presenting it than Brad Pitt, impeccable as always with his styling, and there the Asian interpreter found the opportune moment to shine. “Sir, Pitt, nice to finally meet you “, Yuh-jung started with a trembling voice that grew with each laugh from the crowd gathered at Union Station in Los Angeles.

The 74-year-old actress was already in the spotlight with her inception and decided not to slow down until the end. “I have heard him in all the ways, but tonight you are all forgiven”, as follows on the pronunciations of his name, not easy to pronounce by the respectable American (and Spanish), before also leaving with his children. “They made me want to leave home to go to work, and, well, this is the result of mom having worked so hard, “she concluded before being applauded at her farewell.

There was also time for sex (not live) and blush at a mostly decaffeinated gala. It was Daniel Kaluuya, who was in charge of remembering that he was picking up the statuette on the Los Angeles stage thanks to “the sexual relations” that his parents had had. His mother, in the audience, put her hands to her face without knowing exactly where to go.

Racial discourse

But not only do the Oscars live in humor, political activism is non-negotiable in an event where African-American actors tend to be underrepresented. It was Regina King, in the first gala intervention, who wanted to set the compass on this path “as the mother of a black son” by condemning the race riots in Minneapolis during the last days and months after the death of George Floyd.

One of the directors of the short film Two distant strangers, Travon Free, of black race, was in charge of walking the path that the actress had opened for him. “Every day the police in the United States kill three black people, today they have killed three, tomorrow they will kill another three and lastly they will kill another three,” said the filmmaker who was supported by the winners of the Oscar for Best Animated Short. Will McCormack Y Michael Govier.

“There are too many people killed by bullet shots, we can do better and we must do better,” said the directors of If something happens to me, I love them, who do not share skin color with Travon Free, but they do message.

Vinterberg’s Sign Language and Emotion

Regardless of the racial issue, activism also came in the form of a sign. The deaf actress Marlee Matlin, winner of the Oscar in 1986 for Children of a lesser god, He starred in another of the moments of the night by delivering three Oscars using sign language with a simultaneous translator next to him. Translator, in this case vocal, to which he also had to resort Bon Joon Ho in the delivery of the statuette for best director for making it in Korean.

The emotional moment of the night was not lacking either when the director dans Thomas Vinterberg couldn’t hold back tears as she picked up her award for best foreign film for Another round. “Ida, this has been a miracle and you are part of that miracle,” the emotional filmmaker stammered in memory of his daughter, who died four days before the shooting of a movie in which she was to have a prominent role began.

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