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The monumental stumble of Miss Panama, Carmen Jaramillo, almost made her hit the ground

Miss Panama, Carmen Jaramillo, stumbled and almost went to the ground after Miss Universe days.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

We already know that there are many who they use the “selfie” daily and for almost everything. Especially the beautiful women to show off their charms or also those who want to immortalize some moment. The beauty queens are not exempt from this and much less if it is the highest representative of a country. Such is the case of Carmen Jaramillo, Miss Panama, who, very sure of being an expert in the style of photography, took out her cell phone, raised her arm but It almost hit the ground at the entrance to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida.

The 5ft 10in (1m 70cm) tall (1m 70cm) Panamanian spectacular had the mishap when she tried to take the photo and walk on her back quickly. The model she lost her balance and her heel caught the bottom of a divider cord and almost hit the ground. Many of the followers assured that, if they had fallen with those shoes, they would surely have had a large injury and thus it would be impossible to participate in a contest like the one Miss Universe, where the main thing is precisely modeling.

“By little and he did not count it in the contest”, “At that height of heels, at least a fracture”, “With those spaghetti I thought he was going to break, what a scare”, “I hope his ankle does not swell. Sometimes the sprains hurt for weeks ”, were some of the comments most concerned about Miss.

Others, unsurprisingly, have laughed and left funny comments about the situation experienced by the representative of Panama. “And she, a good diva, keeps walking like nothing else”, “Everyone runs to get the safety tape”, “He almost fell off and at least I enjoy it with style”, “He didn’t fall and with those shoes is to applaud him” and “It did not fall, like rubber.”

But, for Carmen Jaramillo, she is not the first to be the subject of this type of comment. on social media. Right after winning the contest Miss Panama She was on a cooking show where she apparently made several mistakes and the networks were relentless with her. Still, the journalism and psychology student responded as follows.

“To be Miss Panama is not to be perfect, it is to be authentic, real and human… You who are seeing me as a woman and you who are seeing me as a girl do not have the obligation to be perfect and to do everything, enjoy who you are, learn… Love yourself as you are, every day, do not be afraid because they laugh at you, you also laugh at yourself, because you know something, nobody is perfect, nobody, so take advantage of this and overcome all fears, get out of your comfort zone, “he said in That moment.

Fortunately, it was just an impasse that could have had great consequences. Miss Panama is in perfect condition and ready to do her best yes this Sunday, May 16 at the Miss Universe 2021 contest from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida.

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