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The Moors and Christians call on Health to authorize their festivities

Moors and Christians Festivities of Villena 2019.

Moors and Christians Festivities of Villena 2019.

After congratulating the Fallas collective for the success of their acts once their summer parties are over, from the National Union of Festive Entities of Moors and Christians (Undef) They have approached the Ministry of Health so that their parades and festivities are authorized in those towns that want to carry them out.

In a statement from the board of directors, the Undef indicates that “it is imperatively necessary to speak, now and without delay, about our great festival, the Moors and Christians festival, and above all to demand that the health authorities give a logical explanation and coherent of the differences between the Fallas acts carried out and the acts of Moors and Christians not allowed“.

Thus they wonder: What difference is there between a mascletà or awakening and a shot of an arquebus? orwhat is the difference between a fallero parade and a Moorish entrance and Christians with all the anticovid security measures or a target? They also ask the health authorities what difference is there between the offering to the Mare de Déu and the offering to the patron saint of each town? “Is it the agglomeration of people? Or is it the curfew?”, They add among their questions.

“The fallas had to be burned to renovate the monuments that had been kept in the attic of the trade fair for more than a year and a half, and start again to start the fallas industry. But what about the industry and crafts of the festival of Moors and Christians, whose machinery is rusted, now it’s time to grease the gears and start it up, without delay. It’s time to continue insisting to the authorities that It is necessary that they authorize the realization of acts of festivals of Moors and Christians in all those localities that request it. “The Undef brings together 89 federated populations with more than 120,000 festive women and men from Alicante, Valencia and Castelló.

Throughout the pandemic, according to the Undef, “the world of the party has been obedient and respectful of the rules, abiding by everything that governments have decided and making viable proposals: responsibility has been our flag. We have always believed that it was necessary to pitch in so that everything could go well. And from that perspective we have worked. But right now, with the health situation in constant improvement, we consider it totally essential to recover the celebration of our parties, which have been paralyzed for more than a year and a half. ”

The Moros y Cristianos entity argues that with more than 70% of the population of the Valencian Community vaccinated, it is possible to authorize their festivities, as has been done with the fallas in September. “The economic impact of the Moors and Christians festivities is fundamental in many of our regions And, with the pandemic and the lack of aid, that industrial, artisan and cultural fabric has suffered a crisis that, unfortunately, will be irrecoverable in some cases. The situation in the sector is dramatic and needs an urgent response from the administration. The wheel needs to start moving again without waiting any longer. As the popular saying goes: either all Moors, or all Christians, “they conclude.

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