Tuesday, October 19

The Mossos accuse Bartomeu a loss to Barça of 1.2 million

  • The police maintain that Bartomeu exceeded his functions of managing the entity’s assets

The Mossos d’Esquadra attribute to Josep Maria Bartomeu and the other three arrested by Barçagate of having “exceeded” in “their powers of administration of assets” of Barça by hiring a company to defame players and opponents of the previous board of directors , according to the police report to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access. The police specify that the club paid a “surcharge” for these services and calculate the “damage” caused “to the entity and to the entire social mass” in a figure between 843,000 and 1.2 million euros.

Barça even paid 2.3 million euros to the Nicestream group, the company that commissioned these services, for three seasons, the report indicates. The official work was the digital motorization of the club, but in parallel a “presumably particular use in social networks” Hence, in the arrest record of the former president of the entity, Josep Maria Bartomeu, Not only is it attributed “exceeding” the club’s “wealth management powers”, but also “skipping” the procedures established for this hiring, causing “serious” economic damage to the entity and preventing “getting the best offer in exchange. of a consideration consisting of work for private benefit “. All this between the years 2017 and 2020. This action could therefore constitute a crime of unfair administration and corruption of individuals. Bartomeu and his old right hand Jaume Masferrer, who were arrested this Monday by the Mossos, have been released this Monday by the judge, after availing themselves of their right not to testify.

The police report details that “it has been possible to link” the companies hired by Barça, specifically the Nicestream group, with the “creation and feeding of different profiles” on social networks that “defamed critical people” with the board of directors headed by Bartomeu. In parallel, the report emphasizes, “it has been determined” that the club would have paid a “surcharge.” This damage, underline the Mossos, Barcelona and the “whole of its social mass”, a “direct product of exceeding its powers of administration”, is quantified by the police at a minimum of 843,300 euros and a maximum of 1,220,700 euros. The amount committed by the contract exceeded 2.3 million paid, reaching three million. The difference is pending payment, since the club, following the publication in the media of the scandal, unilaterally terminated the contract. Hence, the judge investigating the case considers Barcelona injured. The club has appeared as such in the process with the lawyer Carles Monguilod.

“Unfair management”

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The Mossos report adds that there is another damage for Barça and that it “comes directly” from the “unfair management and its effects.” At this point, he cites the complaint for insults and slander presented this February by the television producer Jaume Roures, in his own name and that of Mediapro, for the comments made against him from those social media accounts. Roures also accuses of loyal administration, but to participate in the general process (not in the insults, which is a piece apart) must pay 7,000 euros. The businessman also appears on a “blacklist of anti-Bartmomeu journalists” in an internal email from I3 Ventures. The report also indicates that “someone from the club would have given data from the membership census.”

The police file on the essential elements of Bartomeu’s arrest reports that the participation of the former president of Barça in this allegedly irregular hiring “has been proven by analyzing the documentation” provided by the club itself, as well as by the investigation reports carried out by the Barcelona Regulatory Compliance Department and the audit commissioned by PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PwC). Suspicions, argue the Mossos, are also based on emails, communications and club regulations. This information has been completed with the data provided by the Tax Agency, the Social Security Treasury, social network companies, the analysis of bank accounts and the statements of various witnesses, including Barcelona executives.


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