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The mossos estimate that Bartomeu tried to stop an internal investigation

Josep María Bartomeu.

Josep María Bartomeu.

The former president of FC Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu sent an email to the then ‘Compliance Officer’ of the club, Noelia Romero, which the Mossos interpret “as pressure for independence “from this position, responsible for regulatory compliance, when asked about your intentions to carry out an internal investigation.

Bartomeu sent this message after the outbreak of the ‘Barçagate’ case, in February 2020, because the former president had called Romero and she had not answered him “nor called back”, according to the same text of the letter.

“I ask you to inform me immediately of the existence or not of any investigation on your part in relation to the monitoring of social networks and, if you are doing it, inform what the objective is “, writes Bartomeu in the mail, according to the police information of the summary of the case, to which Efe has had access.

And the text continues: “Today, surprisingly, different club workers have approached me to inform me that they have met with you or that you have called them to meet with you to discuss an ongoing investigation that I am totally unaware of and that I hope that no other member of the ‘Compliance Committee’ did not know either. ”

Bartomeu explains that “as a result of the leaked news of the conversation” of Romero “with María Vallès (the director of the Barça Foundation)”, the previous Saturday he called her “to find out” if she was doing any investigation. “

“Beyond what we had already agreed to investigate (learn about corporate ties of the companies hired to monitor networks) you told me that you would do nothing, except the conversation with María (at her request) and another report with Ramón-Gómez Ponti (The head of the legal services of the club who was arrested and released provisionally by the Mossos last Monday) “.

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And the former president adds: “As you well know, PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) is conducting a comprehensive review at the request of the delegate board of this matter and we have not agreed at any time to initiate any further investigation. ”

Before saying goodbye, Bartomeu makes a request to Romero: “That is why I ask you tomorrow Friday to inform me of the existence or not of your investigation and the scope, and if it was not your initiative, who or what are the people who have given you directions to start it “.

On March 31, 2020, Romero had the conclusions of his internal audit and communicated it to Bartomeu, whom he maintained regardless of the progress of the investigation by being part of it.

The former president did not allow him to show this report to the members of the board of directors and that is why on June 2 the ‘Compliance Officer’ decided to send it to all managers by email.

Three days later Romero went suspended from employment and salary and later fired from the club.

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