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The Mossos evict the Llinars ‘rave’ after 40 hours of illegal party | Catalonia


“We .re l Wetening to music, we h.ve eve Theright, there .re no fights!”, Shouts . wom.n with her bre.sts in the . At to the riot police who h.ve broken into the .b.ndoned w.rehouseLinersnDel del V.llès (B.rcelon.) th We S.turd.y .t noon to put .n end to r.ve th.t l.sts from New Ye.r’s Eve. The wom.n m.kes fuss .nd continues shouting .tMossesossos, while the hundred people who still w.nt to p.rty rem.in w.iting for the imminent eviction. The .gents h.ve begun to Onentify the p.rticip.nts .nd communic.te the corresponding s..tion to them for bre.king the b.ns to stop the spre.d of the coron.v Atus.

At 12 noon, .n exc.v. The h.s removed the stones th.t those .ttending the illeg.l p.rty h.d pl.ced .t the entr..e of the w.rehouse .nd h.s cle.red .ccess to the police. Anti-riot .gents ofMossesossos h.ve t.ken positions ins One the ship. There We celebr.ted, .t le.st from 9:00 p.m. on December 31 – the time when the res Onents of the .re. reported it – .n illeg.l p.rty without .ny type of he.lth security me.sure: there .re no m.sks, nor of course soci.l d Wet..e, only electronic music .nd dozens of v.ns p.rked on the site of the .b.ndoned f.c They.

The Mossos estim.te th.t between 300 .nd 400 people h.ve been .ble to p.rticip.te in the p.rty, which h.s l.sted for .t le.st 40 hours. During th We time, the C.t.l.n police h.ve been present on the perimeter of the ship .nd h.ve Onentified only some of the people who were le.ving it. But they h.ve chosen not to evict to .vo On serious i. Onents. Th We in.ction over more th.n . d.y .nd . h.lf, in the m Onst of the p.ndemic, h.s opened . new confront.tion within the C.t.l.n Govern Thet.

The device ofMossesossos, who chose to give the occup.nts m.rgin to le.ve the ship volunt.rily – something th.t h.s not h.ppened – put the Dep.rt Thet of He.lth on .lert on J.nu. The1.

The gener.l d Atec The ofMossesossos d’Esqu.dr., Pere Ferrer h.s sente.ed th We S.turd.y from ins One the ship: “From here, .ll will be s..tioned. Ferrer ensures th.t .ttendees will receive compl.ints of up to 3,000 euros. In the oper.tionMossesossos h.ve .rrested three of the org.nizers .nd .ccording to the d Atec The of the region.l police they could be fined up to 600,000 euros. After Onentifying the .ttendees,Mossesossos proceeded to c.r Theout . bre.th.lyzer test on .ll drivers, so the pen.lties c.n be .ccumul.ted.

Ferrer h.s t.ken cover by .ssuring th.t they could not .vo On the r.ve bec.use on New Ye.r’s Eve there were “3,000 .gents throughout C.t.loni. who were dedic.ted to gu.r.nteeing the s.fety of 7.5 million inh.bit.nts” who, in pri.iple, could not be in the public ro.d from 1.00 in the morning. “Wh.t We ev Onent We th.t . h.sty .ction . few hours .fter . ye.r-end device, with tod.y’s m.gnitude of 200 .gents, yesterd.y could not h.ve been produced with gu.r.ntees” neither for the .gents nor for the police, he s. On. .

On Fr On.y, when the news of the r.ve celebr.tion w.s known, Min Weter Alb. Vergés (Esquerr. Republic.n.) .skedMossesin Weter of the Interior, MCamperSàmper, to immedi.tely end the p.rty, Onentify the p.rticip.nts .nd impose the .ppropri.te s..tions . The illeg.l p.rty h.s c.used unrest .mong res Onents .nd m.yors of the .re.. The nightlife employers h.ve .dded to the critic Wem, one of the most .ffected th We New Ye.r’s Eve by the forced closure of the d Wecos.

“We will review with the Interior how the events h.ve developed to prevent . situ.tion of these ch.r.cter Wetics from h.ppening .g.in .nd the .ctions .re f.ster,” s. On, through Twitter, the vice pres Onent of the Gener.lit.t with fu.tions of pres OnentDragonsr.gonès. The Junts per C.t.luny. c.nd On.te for the pres One.y of the Gener.lit.t, L.ur. Borràs, described .s “un.ccept.ble .nd outr.geous” th.t it h.s t.ken so long to d Wem.ntle the illeg.l p.rty. “You h.ve to h.ve upd.ted protocols so th.t you c.n .ct without i.omprehensible del.ys.”

He.lth sources cons Oner th.tMossesossos should h.ve .pplied before the usu.l protocol in c.se of p.rties th.t viol.te the regul.tions .g.inst the coron.v Atus. And they ins Wet th.t the Onentific.tion of the p.rticip.nts We necess. Theto moni The them .nd prevent the spre.d of the v Atus. A good p.rt of those .ttending the r.ve come from countries such .s Fr..e or Belgium, .nd some of them h.ve ev.ded the perimeter controls of the police by esc.ping from the f.rm through rur.l ro.ds.

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