Thursday, January 21

The Mossos evict the Llinars “rave” after 40 hours of uncontrolled partying




After 40 hours of illegal parties and sanitary non-compliance, The Mossos d’Esquadra completed the eviction of the Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona) rave early this afternoon, which had gathered around 300 young people since New Year’s Eve, mainly Spanish, Belgian and French in a warehouse on the outskirts of the locality.

Mossos agents cordoned off the area for hours, although the «free party“It was still uncontrolled early in the morning and some attendees claimed when leaving the premises shortly before the police intervened that no police officer had asked them to identify themselves or had been fined. The Mossos, on the other hand, claimed to have identified all the attendees, who will be fined administratively with fines that can reach up to 3,000 euros

Similarly, they reported the arrest of the three organizers of the party, which in the next few hours will go to court. As sources from the Catalan police have informed Efe, the three organizers are accused of disobedience and resistance to authorities.

In addition to these two crimes, the three have been issued an administrative record for a “very serious” infraction when organizing an illegal party that violates the restrictive measures against the covid, and whose The penalty can be up to 600,000 euros, in accordance with the decree law approved by the Government on the sanctioning regime that regulates the typology of infractions that contravene the regulations.

Once the Mossos have entered the ship, there were barely several dozen of the participants left. There have been moments of tension by a device led by the heads of the Autonomous Police. As it has transpired, the organizers would have placed large stones at the entrances to prevent the arrival of police cars. It was necessary to use an excavator to remove them.

Confrontation between Junts and ERC

The Autonomous Police had asked the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia a protocol to be followed with the nearly 150 attendees who continued with the “rave”, a request that had generated some internal controversy within the Government. From ERC, which runs the Ministry of Health, it was understood that Interior, in the hands of Junts, eluded its responsibility.

The general director of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Pere Ferrer, has assured this afternoon at the scene that the police have not evacuated the illegal party before because it was a “very complex” action that had to be carried out with full guarantees. With the bulk of the agents concentrated in the end-of-year operation, and with two regions, Cerdaña and Ripollés, with perimeter confinement, the director of the Mossos has come to recognize that they didn’t have enough agents. “It was necessary to plan a device with a face and eyes so that no one left here without paying their responsibility,” he stressed.

The Mossos d’Esquadra received the first notice of this illegal party on Thursday night due to the collapse of passenger cars, vans and motorhomes on the C-251 road to Llinars to access the warehouse. The Police ruled out evicting them immediately, as indicated, so as not to cause “greater damage than what they want to avoid”, and explained that it is the usual intervention in this type of situation.

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