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The Mossos reveal the most surreal excuses used to avoid restrictions

The death of Maradona, go to put a candle to the monastery of Montserrat, where the Virgin of Montserrat, popularly known as La Moreneta, or the need to go buy a kitchen robot are some of the more unlikely excuses used by some Catalans to the Mossos d’Esquadra to avoid confinement or other restrictions.

Since this midnight the state of alarm is no longer in force in Catalonia, and the regional police have taken the opportunity to review the most bizarre excuses given by citizens since March 2020 to try to avoid the mobility restrictions caused by covid-19.

This is a compilation of the more varied explanations, arguments and excuses to which the agents have had to face:

Maradona’s safe conduct

The death of Argentine football myth Diego Armando Maradona It was the pretext of a man who was reported when he was returning home from the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona.

The crying over the death of his idol did not justify a long journey without a mask, say the Mossos.

The Vietnamese pig, the new dog

In full confinement, when going out to pass the dog was a justified reason to leave the house, the Mossos agents found people who went out to the street with a parakeet, a Vietnamese pig or even ran into a man from Palafrugell who was walking a goat, recall the Mossos through their Twitter account.

Essential sexual services

The pandemic has brought to the fore the concept of “essential workers” or basic services, but not everyone idea has the same idea of ​​what is essential.

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Thus, in the most restrictive phase of the anticovid measures, the Mossos arrested a Figueres neighbor who skipped confinement for a home sexual service, which in their opinion was essential.

The Mossos also denounced a woman who bypassed confinement to go to the home of a man she had just met in a contact application, and even the woman was arrested for resistance and disobedience to the agents.

Family repairs

In this long year of pandemic, the Mossos also denounced in El Pont de Suert a power line maintenance operator who was traveling with his entire family hidden in the back box of the company’s industrial vehicle.

And it is that excuses such as fixing a water leak, but with the whole family in the car and the trunk full, have been some of the most common excuses given by those who tried to escape to the second residence, explain the Mossos.

A candle a la Moreneta

Religious fervor has also been the argument used by some citizens to make in the face of the ‘mundane’ restrictions of the pandemic.

Thus, in March of last year it was a recurring excuse that of go put a candle to the monastery of Montserrat, even for an aspiring son to mosso, or to make a promise to that place.

Even two neighbors argued that if he could see the Montserrat mountain from his home, then it was part of his region and they could visit the Montserrat massif without skipping any regional confinement.

The sanctuary was also used as an excuse by a man, who claimed that his wife was pregnant and that he had a whim: eating “mató” (cottage cheese) made in Montserrat.

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Everything for my son or the scale

The curfew or regional confinement have also given rise to excuses such as that of a man who told the agents who stopped him on Meridiana avenue in Barcelona that He had to go to his job in Barberà del Vallès because he had left the scale and he had not weighed himself for two weeks.

In all this time, parents located far from their home have also been denounced with the excuse that their son needed to get the sun, because of vitamin D, or a driver who claimed to drive the car around at night to sleep to his son.

A Castellgalí neighbor also argued that he had to forcibly travel to Manresa to change the battery in the watch, because that device was the only one he trusted so as not to get disoriented.

Difficult relationships

The pandemic too has put family coexistence to the test, especially during the strictest confinement, and some citizens, by skipping the confinement, argued as a compelling reason that they had to leave the house because their wife was unbearable or because she was hysterical.

But other people pushed the repertoire of the excuse even further to the limit, arguing that they were literally running away from the police because they were afraid of the police themselves.

In this effort to question the prohibitions or the authorities themselves, the Mossos also met in Barcelona with citizens who told them that they claimed they were free, who suggested that they give priority to the victims of sexual assaults instead of doing comply with the restrictions due to the pandemic or even some habitual criminal who claimed his right to earn a living also in a pandemic.

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Likewise, one person claimed that they expressly wanted to check whether they would be penalized for breaching the confinement.

The carajillo, of vital importance

So many months of pandemic go a long way, and in all this time the Mossos have also discovered reasons of vital importance for some: go to the gynecologist 200 kilometers away, move from Lleida to L’Hospitalet de l’Infant to bring a jacket to the son for a job interview or buy a kitchen robot.

Another driver who was stopped on a road in the Baix Ebre region who was loaded with bags full of alcoholic beverages also gave another compelling reason. He came from doing the weekly shopping, but the reason he gave was that, with the bars closed, he needed to be able to have the carajillo at home.

The Mossos also stopped a man who claimed that he needed to go to his brother’s house because he did not know how to cook And, of course, eating was essential, or to a woman who said that she urgently needed to go to a vegan store despite having a store of this type in her city, a whole list that shows that the Mossos have also had to load up on patience at this stage.

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