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the most atrocious account of the war in Ukraine

Alina nervously waits under heavy rain for a truck to unload dozens of corpses in the Bucha morgue. This 24-year-old girl has to recognize the body of her father, of which she knows nothing since the Russian troops entered this punished town and massacred her population.

Every day they bring new corpses and I come here to see if I can find my father… Let’s see if I can find him among all these dead people”, says Alina, surrounded by a dozen Bucha neighbors who are in the same situation as her.

Some have been trying to identify their loved ones for more than a month

Alina’s father had a farm on the outskirts of Bucha, where he continued to take care of his cattle even when Russian troops showed up with tanks in front of his house. Until one day no one knew anything more about him.

After reviewing the corpses one by one, some of them in an advanced state of decomposition and others with signs of torture, the young woman leaves the morgue and calls her mother: “I have not seen his body… perhaps he is alive,” he tells her. .

A tragedy called Bucha

The Ukrainian authorities say that the bodies of 420 civilians have already been found in Bucha alonea small and well-to-do town that shocked the world after discovering the atrocities committed by the Russians against its population before their withdrawal.

Now the job is identify the dead and deliver the bodies to families so they can be properly buriedeither. For this, the city council has drawn up a long list with the names of the people who died during the occupation and with the little data that has been compiled about the unidentified bodies.

Residents go to an information point every day, to find out if the authorities have found her relative, as is the case with Olexi, who is looking for the body of her best friend’s husband because she fled to Poland with her two children.

The husband was shot by Russian troops when he tried to escape from Bucha by car and, according to Olexi, some neighbors picked up the body and buried it in the garden of the couple’s house, with a sign around their necks on which they wrote their name to that could be recognized more easily.

“He is buried in the garden, but they still don’t know exactly where. They are still looking for the body. the Mint.

Forensics, overwhelmed

A couple of coroners run restlessly from one side of the morgue to the other before the dozens of corpses that arrive to be investigated, only pausing briefly to take a couple of puffs on the cigarette.

So, have requested the collaboration of experts from other morgues in the difficult task of identifying corpses: some have to undergo DNA tests because the bodies were completely charred or unrecognizable.

The dead who weren’t killed

Serguei has also gone to Bucha to find the body of his grandmotherwho before the Russian occupation was hospitalized for covid-19 and, when the bombing began, died of a heart attack.

His body and dozens of others were taken from the morgue by the neighbors themselves and buried to prevent decomposition.. Many of them were buried in a mass grave dug in the courtyard of the village church.

They have shown us photos and in one it seems that it is her, but we have to go see the body because in the photo it does not look good”, regrets the young man, who on March 12 undertook this painful search to be able to bury his grandmother “as human beings do”.

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The authorities have informed him that the body is very likely to be found in the Common pit, where dozens of bodies have already been unearthed, both of people killed by the Russians and of people who died of natural causes. The Police assure that there are still neighbors buried in that improvised cemetery.

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