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The most common mistakes when making the income statement

It is advisable to review the most common mistakes to avoid setbacks.

It is advisable to review the most common mistakes to avoid setbacks.

As every year, Spanish citizens must carry out the necessary procedures to present the Statement of income. On April 7, the 2020 campaign started, which will be marked by new bureaucratic difficulties generated by the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) and the minimum vital income. These complications will most affect those who previously did not have the obligation to present declaration.

From the first day that Income 2020 began, users who want to present it through the internet they can do it. On the other hand, those who prefer to do it by phone will have to do so from May 6, while face-to-face appointments will open from June 2. Although the campaign does not end until June 30, 2021, it is important not to leave the paperwork until the last day, thus avoiding that time is thrown on us.

In order to save us setbacks and problems, it is recommended review the most common mistakes usually committed by taxpayers.

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Failure to file the return

People who do not meet the minimum requirements do not have the obligation to present the Income and, therefore, decide to save the management. However, this can be detrimental to some pockets, as it may come out to return and we are losing money. In this case, you must access box 670 of the eraser To check the final result and if it is negative, you have the right to collect the corresponding amount of money.

ERTE and Unemployment count as payers

In this edition of the Income, those who have been in ERTE will have to take into account that they have one more payer. Thus, workers who have been in this situation at some point in 2020 will have two payers.

In this case, they will be, on the one hand, the company that included them in the ERTE and, on the other, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), which paid them a part of the salary while they were under that figure, whether it was partial as total.

Changes in family situation

Another of the common mistakes that is usually made is that of not updating the family situation. Changes in marital status and having children affect deductions from the income statement. It is essential to benefit from the different state or regional tax aids or to calculate whether it is better to file a joint return.

Union fees

Anyone who makes payments to trade unions or professional associations can deduct them from earned income.


Citizens who rent a home they own must pay for it, something that in some cases is forgotten or overlooked as it does not appear in the draft. It should be taken into account that in the case of having a rented property there are different rental deductions depending on the autonomous community. You also have to add the second home, although it does not deduct taxes.

Final revision

Although it may seem obvious, you need to remember the importance of reviewing your draft once you are ready to submit. There are few occasions in which the taxpayer forgets some detail to avoid making a final review. It must be verified that all data and changes are reflected.

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