Friday, December 3

The most common tactics of rich husbands to hide their fortune in divorce

  • Letícia Mori
  • BBC News Brazil

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In many cases the wives have a life full of luxury, but they really do not know the magnitude of the fortune.

Warning: This report contains descriptions of scenes of domestic violence that can be disturbing.

When Joana * married businessman Carlos * in the early 2000s, he was running a small business. The two stayed together for 18 years, during which time the company grew rapidly.

Little by little, the already upper-middle-class lifestyle of the couple became luxurious. But Joana she had no idea of ​​the magnitude of her husband’s fortune until they separated, or rather, until she realized that she had been cheated on in the divorce process.

Joana, now 50, had dedicated her entire life to her family and husband and did not want to separate. She underwent fertilization treatment in which after several attempts she became pregnant with the couple’s only child, now a teenager.

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