Monday, August 2

The most effective Espanyol take a valuable victory against Mallorca

  • Dimata, the only parrot signing on the winter market, sealed a victory that leaves Vicente Moreno’s men two points behind the lead (1-2)

  • The Balearic team was better in the first half, but ran into Diego López, while the Blue and Whites took advantage of their chances to perfection

It was a Second Division game with First taste. The Majorca and the Spanish they were measured this Sunday in Palma in a duel with something more than three points at stake. The Balearic team arrived in an excellent dynamic with three consecutive wins, while the parakeets faced the shock in their worst moment of the course with only one win in the last five games. In the end, the effectiveness He decided. The paw print of the team with the most budget in the category was decisive (1-2).

A Espanyol could not afford another misfortune that has as non-negotiable objective the ascent. With only 4 points out of the last 15 possible, the Catalan team needed to give a hit on the table so that no one else doubted his strength in Second. With Mallorca as the leader and Almería on the star, any setback on the island would have been a cataclysm.

Diego stops

That circumstance did not come thanks to the seriousness and concentration of a Espanyol who knew how to read the meeting perfectly. The great Diego Lopez, which ruined two clear occasions of Amath (m. 15 and 23). If the Senegalese had succeeded in any of his duels with the Galician goal, the script of the clash would have turned upside down.

However, it was Espanyol who struck first with a set piece action. Embarba he launched the foul with his usual dangerousness and Puado nodded to the net. That much relieved the blue and white, who went ahead to rest in the volcanic return of Vicente Moreno to Palma. The Valencian coach, who took Mallorca from Second B to First with two consecutive promotions, He left his old club in a bad way last summer, which brought even more disease to the crash.

Miguelón had in his boots the second but ran into Queen and gave wings to a Majorca that put the tables with another action of Amath, which this time he did succeed (m. 51) after a precious assistance from Antonio Sanchez.

The appearance of Dimata

The match pointed to a draw as the pulse of the first round in Cornellà (0-0), but Espanyol ended up taking the victory thanks to a combination between RDT and Landry Dimata, the Belgian player of Congolese origin on loan from the Anderlecht. The striker finished off a center from the former Rayo player with his left and caused the delirium among the parrots.

That offensive hit ended up unbalancing the balance of a balanced pulse. The quality perica decided a fundamental meeting. A defeat would have placed Espanyol at eight points plus the goal-average of Mallorca; now it is only two, with the goal-average in favor and waiting for any stumbling block from its rivals to hit the claw.


Majorca: Queen; Fran Gámez, Valjent, Raíllo, Brian Oliván; Galarreta, Salva Sevilla, Antonio Sánchez, Dani Rodríguez, Amath; Abdon Prats. Coach: Luis García. Changes: Álvaro Giménez for Abdón Prats (m. 71); Febas by Galarreta (d. 75); Mollejo by Fran Gámez (d. 75); He died for Salva Sevilla (d. 80).

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Spanish: Diego López; Miguelón, David López, Cabrera, Pedrosa; Keidi Bare, Darder, Embarba, Puado, Melamed; From Thomas. Coach: Vicente Moreno. Changes: Dimata for Melamed (d. 62); Fran Mérida by Keidi Bare (d. 62); Óscar Gil for Miguelón (d. 76); Pol Lozano by De Tomás (d. 77); Melendo for Darder (d. 85).

Goals: 0-1 (m. 32), Puado, head; 1-1 (m. 51), Amath, after a pass from Sánchez; 1-2 (m 72), Dimata takes advantage of an RDT center.

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