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The most efficient way to drive a motorhome or camper van

By applying some techniques and tricks you can save up to 162 euros every 100 kilometers

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In recent days, we have seen long queues of vehicles at gas stations to benefit from the discount of 20 cents per liter agreed by the Government. Fuel prices at record highs can be a problem when planning the upcoming Easter holidays for fans of motorhomes and camper vans.

There are many ideas to reduce spending: some more basic such as driving more calmly (and by the way, enjoying the scenery more) and other tips that involve changes in the way you drive but that you can easily apply. There are also tricks that will allow you to reduce the diesel or diesel consumption of your motorhome from 15L per 100km to 9L/100km and that, in general, can lead to savings of up to 162 euros per 1000 km. The experts from
yescapa They offer us a series of tips that will help you reduce the costs of your next getaway for Easter:

drive quietly

Depending on the engine and size, a motorhome can consume between 12 and 30 liters per 100 kilometers. If you use it to enjoy your vacation or a weekend getaway, our recommendation is that you drive slowly. In this way you will not only reduce the fuel consumption of your motorhome, but it will also allow you to contemplate the landscape that surrounds you with peace of mind.

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always at a constant speed

Driving at a constant speed is also important to reduce fuel consumption throughout the journey. To do this, remember to use cruise control on highways and main roads. In addition to these indications, if you are driving on the motorway, we advise you not to exceed 110 km/h.

Pay attention to the lap counter

Some motorhomes and camper vans have gear shift indicators. If this is the case, we recommend that you follow up on them. On the other hand, to reduce the risk of EGR valve problems, avoid overheating the rev counter and changing gears below 1,300 rpm.

Always check tire pressure

Driving a motorhome with under-inflated tires increases fuel consumption. Also, under-inflated tires wear faster and are more prone to blowouts.

On the road, anticipate

When you drive your motorhome, look into the distance. Perhaps a roundabout, a stop sign, traffic… if you detect them in advance you will be able to anticipate when slowing down and thus limit sudden acceleration and braking.

Be careful with the air conditioning

Try not to leave the air conditioning on all the time. Although in summer it is very comfortable, it is not necessary 100% of the time. For example, if it is very hot, open the cabin before starting the engine and turning on the air conditioning. Ventilation will save you a lot of money.

Find the cheapest service station

Prices vary from one gas station to another, so you can search the internet or mobile applications for the cheapest gas station in the area where you are.

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But how much money can I save?

We give you an example: if the price of fuel is 1.80 euros/litre and you travel 1,000 kilometers during your motorhome trip, by reducing consumption you can save more than 162 euros. Discover your savings thanks to the following calculation:

At 9L/100km: 1.80 euros x (9L / 100km) x 1000km = 162 euros

At 11L/100km: 1.80 euros x (11L / 100km) x 1000km = 198 euros

For 13L/100km: 1.80 euros x (13L / 100km) x 1000km = 234 euros

For 15L/100km: 1.80 euros x (15L / 100km) x 1000km = 270 euros

At 20L/100km: 1.80 euros x (20L / 100km) x 1000km = 360 euros

Remember that these fuel consumption figures for motorhomes have been calculated under perfect conditions (optimal and constant speed, day without wind, etc.).

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