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The most even Rolex TP52 world championship in history begins




The ninth season of 52 Super Series reaches its climax from the Real Club Náutico de Palma with the Rolex TP52 World Championship 2021. A regatta that has all its fronts open (the winner of the World Cup and also the winner of the season are decided). which presents ten teams of seven different nationalities.

In the Bay of Palma the ten best TP52s in the world are cited in what is considered the best monohull sailing regatta circuit in the world. It is all very open. So much so that the Platoon of Harm Müller-Spreer arrives at RCNP as the leader of the circuit, although tied with Quantum Racing. But there are two teams, Sled by Takashi Okura and Alegre by Andrés Soriano, who are only one point in the overall overall, so there are four boats at one point. Any. And we must not forget two sailboats that will also have their options as soon as the others leave them, such as the South African Phoenix of the Plattner family and the Bronenosec of the Russian shipowner Vladimir Liubomirov that yesterday was proclaimed winner in the TP52 class of the PalmaVela and today he has won the training regatta. With Bronenosec is the great Vasco Vascotto who today pointed out: “The boat is very fast and if we do it well we will have options to aspire to everything. It is a pity the two mistakes that have been very expensive for us in Portals and Mahón, but here we are going to fight until the end. There is time to recover, but for us the handicap is that we have to recover five teams and here it is difficult for all five to fail because they are all very good ”.

Santiago Lange, again in the 52 Super Series
Santiago Lange, again in the 52 Super Series – Nico Martinez

The Platoon also arrives as the current defender of the world champion title that he achieved in this same regatta field, although based in Puerto Portals in 2019. The 2020 edition of the Rolex TP52 World Championship could not be played due to the pandemic. The boat that has won the TP52 World Championship the most times is Quantum Racing, which since 2008 has won it six times, three since the TP52s sail as a 52 Super Series circuit. Quantum is one of the clear favorites to the final triumph and in Palma its owner Doug DeVos returns to the helm of the sailboat. But Platoon is into the World Cups. Its owner already has two Rolexes obtained in 2017 in Scarlino and the one in 2019 in Puerto Portals and here he is also one of the clear candidates.

Everything is so open that the forecast is impossible. This was witnessed by Santiago Lange today at the press conference to present the regatta, which was attended by the ten tacticians of the participating teams who posed next to the season’s trophy, an award that in the eight previous editions only Quantum Racing has won. and the Azzurra. The Argentine, a brand-new signing for Provezza, arrives in Palma to close the excellent bunch of tacticians since the ten present in Palma are, without a doubt, among the best in the world. Lange explained: “This fleet is incredible and the forecasts are almost impossible to do because of the existing equality. When Provezza called me to replace Hamish Pepper, I didn’t think twice and I came running from Argentina because I’m delighted to be racing again in 52 Super Series. I’ve been with them for three days trying to do to the team what is being a challenge. The World Cup is going to be very difficult and even so I am delighted to be here ”.

Improving performance each regatta is the Austin Interlodge and Gwen Fragomen. The sailboat has in its crew the Mallorcan bow Pedro Mas and the Catalan navigator Joan Vila. The latter talks about the evolution of the project: “We are the ones who have arrived new this season and it shows. But we think that by 2022 we will be at the level of the rest to compete for everything. Here we are much more confident than in the previous two races and we want to be closer to the boats in the upper part and closer to the podium ”. Vila, as a navigator, is one of those who has to be most concerned about the weather. And this week it can take you headlong: “There is no clear forecast because there will be different wind and sea conditions. It is going to be difficult to handle day-to-day weather changes. We will have to make changes to the boat as the party tells us what is going to happen, but the party tells us that there will be days with a lot of wind and others less ”.

Zulueta grateful to the venues

Today the event’s presentation press conference was held, attended by the team’s tacticians and welcomed by Hugo Ramón, RCN Palma sailing member and Rob Weiland, TP52 class manager. Agustín Zulueta, general manager of 52 Super Series, explains about the season that comes to an end with the culmination of the Rolex TP52 World Championship in Palma de Mallorca after the presentation press conference: “It has been a complicated year due to the issue of the pandemic and after many changes we decided to focus on the three tests in the Balearic Islands. Logistically it was the most responsible and intelligent and we want to thank the clubs we have not been able to go to, such as Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayona, Clube Naval de Cascáis or Valencia Mar for their understanding and support. I hope this has been a boost for tourism and for the economy of the islands with these three regattas in Puerto Portals, Menorca and Palma. We are very satisfied to have saved with the help of the Spanish venues a season that did not look good, but that we ended it in an exceptional way with the Rolex TP52 World Championship ”.

Live broadcast

From tomorrow, Tuesday at 12 noon, until Saturday, the regatta will be able to continue with the live television broadcast from the water with comments from the studio and from the water. The events are available both on the 52 Super Series YouTube channel and in the competition application that can be downloaded on both IOS and Android and on the regatta website Possible changes to the schedules of the tests can be consulted on the competition’s social networks.

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