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The most expensive Holy Week in fines: up to 1,700 euros more than a year ago

The entry into force of the new Traffic and Road Safety Law has brought with it several changes that should be made aware of before starting this Easter, given that it is the first exit operation in which they are in effect.

It is no longer just the prohibition of exceeding the speed limit when overtaking, a measure that has been critically received and that the director of the DGT himself,
Peter Navarrohas admitted that “it could be reversed if it is not effective.”

It is true that it is difficult to fail to comply with all the sanctions at the same time – and that doing so would entail worse consequences than the sum of all the fines – but
doing so would result in a particularly expensive Easternot counting gasoline prices.

it would be an invoice of 1,700 euros, not counting the deductions of points from the card. Here are the detailed amounts of the new changes in the Traffic and Road Safety Law of 2022.

Carrying the mobile in your hand: 200 euros and six card points. The DGT has focused on distractions at the wheel in the reform of the law, since it is the main cause of accidents, its use is widespread and the previous regulation did not contemplate it.

Not wearing the seatbelt: 200 euros and four points of license. Although this was already contemplated in the repealed legislation, it has been toughened in 2022.

Bring radar detection systems: 200 euros and three points of license. Fine prevention technology has advanced faster than the law and its use is already criminalized.

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Throwing cigarette butts out the window, or objects that could cause fires or accidents: 200 euros and four points of license. Once again, this sanction has been toughened, since before it meant four points, and fire prevention is a priority for the Administration.

Overtaking cyclists without respecting the minimum safety distance (1.5 meters): 200 euros and six card points. Although it was already considered an infraction, it has been toughened for 2022.

Overtaking exceeding the maximum speed of the road: 100 euros. One of the most controversial measures of the new rule, overtaking must be carried out without exceeding the maximum speed. Until now, an additional 20 kilometers per hour was allowed.

Not being able to have control of the vehicle at all times: 100 euros. This fine is ambiguous because it depends on the agent’s assessment. It can mean having a loose dog in the passenger compartment, inappropriate shoes or playing the imaginary drums to the rhythm of music.

Failure to provide assistance on public roads: 500 euros. This is a very serious offense, given that immediate assistance is one of the factors that determine, to a large extent, the mortality of a traffic accident.

Comply with all these infractions, that is: driving without complete control of the vehicle, without a seat belt, with the mobile in hand, overtaking cyclists above the maximum speed of the road less than 1.5 meters, with an inhibitor speed cameras, throwing cigarette butts out the window and ignoring an accident is a cartoonish situation unlikely to happen.

But, as the latest campaign by the DGT clearly shows, the fact that there are few chances does not mean that they are null and risky behavior should be avoided at all times.

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