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The most extraordinary Champions of Real Madrid unleashes madness

Marcelo raises the ‘orejona’ next to the statue of La Cibeles. / Marcelo del Pozo (Reuters)


The fans of the Chamartín club turn to the heroes in the Decimocuarta in a tremendous day

Oscar Bellot

Real Madrid’s most extraordinary Champions unleashed madness in the streets of the Spanish capital, which witnessed a tremendous day in which the conquest of the Fourteenth at the Stade de France was celebrated in style. The fans of the Chamartín club threw themselves into the heroes who defeated Liverpool in an afternoon and a night that was full of jubilant pictures and that served to close an unforgettable season in which Carlo Ancelotti’s team once again settled at the top of the world soccer. Not even Bale wanted to miss the party.

The festivities began after 6:30 p.m. with the visit of the Real Madrid squad, the coaching staff and its president to the Almudena Cathedral, where the white expedition took its first mass bath and offered the Virgin the three titles fastened throughout the course.

The next stop was at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid, where its president and Real Madrid supporter, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, acted as happy mistress of ceremonies. The leader of the popular ones, who traveled to Paris to witness the final against Liverpool at the Stade de France, received a small replica of the ‘orejona’ that she raised in fervor and donned a commemorative shirt of the fourteen-time king of Europe, while who gave thanks for walking the name of Madrid “throughout the planet” and remembering the values ​​”of effort and excellence” in sport.

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Ayuso had a special mention for “San Courtois”, the hero in Saint-Denis with his “gadget arms”, while Florentino Pérez dedicated a few words to Marcelo, the most successful footballer in the history of Real Madrid who says goodbye to what has been his home for the last fifteen years, and to Carlo Ancelotti, legend of the top continental competition with the four trophies he treasures as a coach, before the champions went out to the balcony of the Real Casa de Correos to greet the thousands of Madrid fans who packed the door of the sun.

The tour could not miss the visit to the City Hall, where the rojiblanco José Luis Martínez-Almeida made the guts. “How difficult you make it for those of us who are not from Real Madrid,” joked the councilor, who reviewed the extraordinary path that led to the conquest of the Decimocuarta by Ancelotti’s team. «Gary Lineker said that football is a sport played eleven against eleven and Germany always wins. The European Cup is a competition played eleven against eleven and Madrid wins”, he added with resignation before Real Madrid set off on a convertible bus to Plaza de Cibeles, where they had met since early afternoon an impressive crowd.

The radiant faces of the Real Madrid footballers and Ancelotti who did not stop dancing and singing as they approached the long-awaited meeting with the goddess were the reflection of the euphoria of a fan that vibrated like never before to entertain a legendary team. Many gestures of complicity in the squad, received to the cry of “champions, champions” while the ‘orejona’ passed from hand to hand and a liturgy was developed that was not exactly less celebrated for so many times repeated that had its high point when Marcelo knotted the scarf to the statue revered by all of Real Madrid and the ‘We are the Champions’ sounded. Significant was also Hazard’s speech, who promised to give everything so that next year would be his year after three seasons in the doldrums before his teammates made pineapple with the former Chelsea player in one more example of how loved he is by the locker room.

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