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The most impressive phrases of Lionel Messi in his farewell to Barcelona

Messi, moved, said goodbye to the club of his loves.

Photo: Pau Barrena / AFP / Getty Images

Lionel Messi said goodbye this Sunday to Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​the team of his loves, in which he trained and became a legend. It was a painful goodbye for everyone involved. Especially for the Argentine star, who at times could not speak due to tears. Even so, he left sentences more than interesting in his last speech as a member of the staff.

These are some of the phrases most replicated by the media, even on the Barcelona website, which compiled his own top of Messi phrases:

-“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to speak …”.

Short phrase, but that says a lot. Messi breaks down in tears and admits that he doesn’t know what to say at a time he wasn’t prepared for this year, unlike last year.

– “I still have the thorn of not having achieved another Champions Legue more, but this is football, I had to win other things. I don’t regret anything, we gave our best. But it is true that I had that thorn“.

Messi, years ago, promised to bring the UEFA Champions League trophy back to Barcelona, ​​and it is normal that the thorn remains for not having achieved it. A stronger elimination was found than the other.

– “This is the most difficult moment of my sports career. I have had many difficult moments, many defeats, but not this. This does not come back, it is the end in this Club and now a new story begins”.

The Argentine accompanies his actions with words. We saw him cry like we had never seen him before, and his words accompany that feeling of pain. Of having to leave his beloved club.

– “I did my best to stay and it couldn’t. I have nothing more to say, we did everything we could“.

Obviously, economics thwarted the negotiations to a point where the situation became untenable for all parties.

– “The club is more important than anyone. People are going to get used to it. It has a great squad and great players came, in the end everything settles down“.

This phrase is probably the most important, although at first it does not look so shocking. Lionel Messi understands that he is presumable, even when he is the best player in the world. With good management, Barcelona will remain in the sports elite. It is the logical thing to do.

The Argentine makes clear the value of the club above all else, an aspect that is often forgotten due to the influence of some players like him. It leaves no room for debate.

Lionel Messi is not going through the big door. But yes as the greatest.

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