Sunday, December 5

The most influential climate research of all time (and just won the Nobel 54 years later)

  • Piers Forster
  • The Conversation*

Syukuro Manabe with the American meteorologist Joseph Smagorinsky

Image source, EPA


Syukuro Manabe with the American meteorologist Joseph Smagorinsky. Manabe laid the foundation for the climate change models.

After World War II, many of Japan’s best scientists found work in laboratories in the United States.

Syukuro (Suki) Manabe, a 27-year-old physicist, was part of this brain drain. He was working on weather forecasting, but left Japan in 1958 to join a new research project for the United States Weather Service.

The goal was to develop a numerical model that could be used to study the climate.

Working alongside Joseph Smagorinsky, the visionary first director of the Geophysical Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics, Manabe led a team of computer programmers to add missing physics to laboratory weather models.

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