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The most notorious scandals of the British ‘premier’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go down in history. In addition to being the architect of Brexit and for clinging to power tooth and nail, for the multiple scandals he has been involved in and from which he has managed to come out unscathed until the last one, the so-called ‘Pincher case’, which has been the last straw. that prickly The issue, which questioned whether the ‘premier’ told the truth about accusations of sexual harassment, has led him to leave, despite himself, in the face of unsustainable pressure caused by the wave of resignations among members of his government. He leaves without apologizing.

The wave of resignations registered since last Tuesday has come after the accusations of a former official who maintained that Johnson’s office gave false information about sexual harassment complaints filed several years ago against the legislator. Christopher Pincher for groping two men in a club.

Johnson’s office initially said the prime minister was unaware of the specific allegations that had been made against Pincher in the past. However, on Monday, former official Simon McDonald wrote a letter in which he said that he had investigated the allegations in 2019 and that he had maintained the complaints.

the partygate

The term “partygate” was coined to refer to the scandal of parties held in the Government, including his own office in Downing Street, violating the strict restrictions decreed by him in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He himself was fined by the Police for attending a birthday party, and was forced to apologize to Queen Elizabeth after it was discovered that the staff had partyed in Downing Street in the eve of her husband’s funeralPrince Philip, in April 2021. She had sat alone at the funeral because mingling inside was prohibited.

One report noted a series of illegal lockdown parties, detailing cases of binge drinking and vomiting by the staff.

To this day, Parliament is still investigating whether Johnson repeatedly misled lawmakers when he denied being aware of the illegal parties. He says that at the time he sincerely believed that the meetings were not breaking the law, but now he accepts that he was wrong.

Other sex scandals

Johnson’s Conservatives have been hit by other scandals involving lawmakers accused of sexual impropriety, including two that have led to the resignation of lawmakers. In both cases, the Conservatives lost the special elections held last month to replace them.

The conservative legislator Imran Ahmed Khan resigned after being found guilty of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy. Neil Parish, another Conservative lawmaker, resigned after admitting to watching porn on his phone in the House of Commons on two occasions, in “a moment of madness”.

Another Conservative lawmaker has been arrested on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and other offences. The lawmaker was released on bail in May and has not been identified in the media to protect the identity of the alleged victim.

The Case of Owen Paterson

Last year, Parliament’s rules committee recommended suspending lawmaker and former Conservative minister Owen Paterson for 30 days after it was found to have committed a “egregious case of paid law« by lobbying on behalf of companies that paid him.

The Conservatives initially voted in Parliament to stop Paterson’s suspension and review lawmakers’ inquiry process. Following the damaging headlines, Paterson resigned and the government abandoned the proposed changes. The Conservatives lost the election to fill the Paterson seat.

The controversial remodeling of his apartment

Following the renovation of Johnson’s Downing Street flat – led by a famous designer and including gold wallpaper-, the British electoral commission fined the Conservatives 17,800 pounds for failing to correctly report a donation to pay for it.

Johnson’s ethics adviser later criticized the prime minister for failing to disclose some messages exchanged with the donor. However, he concluded that Johnson had not intentionally lied about the messages.

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