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The most profitable coffee in El Altet


Celebration in the bar of El Altet in which the fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery has been sold
Antonio Amorós

The hospitality sector is one of those that has suffered the most from the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. The Argentinian Norberto Leoncelli, owner of the bar La Cañada in the Elche district of The Altet, He was thinking yesterday morning that he was a few days away from ending one of the worst years of his life while he was cleaning his place to leave it closed for the next fifteen days for Christmas break. At that moment, about 1:00 p.m., I did not have in mind the Christmas Lottery draw that was taking place at that very moment. He was not aware until he saw the first customers beaming with happiness appear around the premises that he had brought luck to El Altet and had sweetened the end of a year that had been especially bitter.

And is that between the bar La Cañada and the administration number 25 of the Elche district, Susi, yesterday distributed eleven series of one of the fifth prizes (43831). In total, 110 tickets have been sold that have allowed the distribution among the lucky ones of 660,000 euros. When fortune was no longer expected to smile at El Altet, one of the last awards that came out of the hype has left a major economic pinch among your neighbors.

The most profitable coffee in El Altet

«For us it is very special to hand out an award after the hard year that we have all experienced. It is the first time that we have the Christmas Lottery here ”, explained shortly after the good news was known one of those responsible for the administration, Ana Javaloyes, while the first lucky ones began to make an appearance in the El Altet establishment .

80 of 110 tenths

“I feel enormous joy,” said the owner of La Cañada bar with emotion, where 80 of the 110 tenths that have gone to the residents of the Elche district have been sold, all of them consigned to administration number 25. “We have sold the tenths to our clients and colleagues in nearby establishments. He calculated that more than 500,000 euros have come out of the bar and all are for working people of the town, it is very exciting, “added a Leoncelli who, more than happiness for the tenth that had been reserved for him, was proud of the winning tickets that he had sold among its customers and that will represent an important economic respite after a hard year, in which the coronavirus is having a great impact on its hospitality sector.

The joy was shared in the Susi administration, at whose window approximately the other 30 El Altet winners have been sold. Many residents of the district also came to this establishment yesterday to celebrate their good fortune in company. “It is a fixed number that we play in this administration and it has been distributed a lot in El Altet because practically all the tickets have been sold one by one. We no longer expected the award because it came out too late, ”declared another of those responsible for the business, Loren Soler.

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