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The most secret, hidden and paradisiacal coves in the province of Alicante

The most secret and paradisiacal coves in the province of Alicante.

The most secret and paradisiacal coves in the province of Alicante.

La Granadella in Xàbia, El Moraig in Benitatxell and Tio Ximo in Benidorm are some of the most popular coves in the province of Alicante what have they put on “fashionable” in recent summers. The crystal clear waters, the rocky landscape and the views have attracted thousands of bathers from all over Spain after being placed in many rankings of the best national beaches. However, from north to south the province hides thousands of equally paradisiacal but less crowded corners.

Here we present a series of places to enjoy a nice bath away from the hustle and bustle:

Cala En Caló in Xàbia

No, it is not a paradise beach in Thailand. It is better and it is in the province, specifically in Xàbia. In Caló, located between the Granadella Y Ambolo, it is one of the best kept secrets in the province since it can only be accessed by rowing or swimming.

The rage of the kayak It has contributed to making this entire coastline known and on weekends, if the sea is good, dozens of canoes can be seen stranded in the cove. Another secret revealed by En Caló is that of the natural passageways that cross the cliff. They swim through it and it is exciting to sneak through a narrow opening that opens at the base of the rock and out on the other side, to the secret cove.

Cala Mascarat in Altea

The old town is not the only charm of Altea. The town hides multitude of hidden treasures and one of them is the cala Mascarat. The crystal clear waters of this pebble cove, without sand and with bowling pins, will delight guests. snorkel lovers.

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Cala Barra Grande in Altea

Altea also has another unspoiled corner that until now only the residents of the area knew about. It is a nudist cove that is not even signposted and that receives the name of Barra Grande. The clarity of its waters makes it ideal for diving, so do not forget your diving glasses if you go to this place that is located between Punta del Mascarat and Racó del Corb cove. As it is a cove with difficult access, it does not have parking or bathroom surveillance.

Cala Barra Grande in Altea. INFORMATION

Cala Llebeig in Benitatxell

The route of the cliffs of Poble Nou de Benitatxell, from Moraig to the cove Llebeig, attracts more and more bathers. However, this cove of clear water and stunning views it remains, in a way, intimate. It is not for lack of attractiveness but for its difficult access that many are unaware of.

And is that to access you have to go a long way, some 40 minutes, and cross some sections of true vertigo. Also, before reaching the steep descent to the cove, the trail runs hanging from the abyss. Therefore, if you go to this cove in the province of Alicante, do not do it loaded with a refrigerator or chairs and put on good shoes.

Cala dels Testos in Benitatxell

The cove of the Testos, also in Benitatxell, is very close to El Moraig and the Cave of the Arches. It is an almost virgin cove, difficult to access since you have to hang down by several ropes on the route to access it. A journey not suitable for people with vertigo or little agility but the end result is worth it.

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Cave of the Barbero in Benidorm

The Serra Gelada natural park awaits a secret that not many know. It is the Cueva del Barbero, in Benidorm, which houses a rocky cove inside. As it happens in most of these hidden corners, its access is difficult since there are no indications and it is also difficult to descend to it if you are not an agile person. It is also not recommended for children since there is a danger of falling off the cliffs.

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