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The most visited European Christmas markets

The Christmas holidays are for many the best opportunity to make a trip to a designated destination, and there are many cities that take advantage of this tourist boom thanks to their christmas markets. Every corner is used to show off the best clothes in terms of decoration and lighting, and it is common to find stalls in which to buy objects related to such iconic dates, as well as typical winter food products and hot drinks to better cope with the cold temperatures.

If you are one of those who seek to innovate with your Christmas trips and do not mind wrapping yourself with a good number of layers of clothing, we present you the cities that stand out the most in this end of year 2021 for your proposals. You just have to choose your favorite, find transportation and accommodation and get ready to dream of your perfect Christmas in the best company.

1- Basel (Switzerland)

Christmas market in Basel. Shutterstock

The Swiss city transforms its old town thanks to a large collection of lights, fir trees and decorative garlands. In addition, it opens a series of charming craft and gastronomy stalls in the iconic locations of Barfüsserplatz Y Münsterplatz. If you are one of those who are looking for the best bites, you can look for the Delicious, a type of bread with spices, in addition to the classic raclette Swiss cuisine or a must in Central European cuisine, the sausages roasted.

2- Budapest (Hungary)

Christmas in Budapest. Shutterstock

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The capital of Magyar is once again the dream destination for many, partly because of the contrast between its Christmas charm and the possibility of relaxing and getting warm, however difficult it may seem, in its emblematic hot springs outdoor. The crafts available in its stalls, the lights and the Christmas decorations turn its streets into a dream destination. And if you want to try their most typical food, do not hesitate to look for the cake flood.

3- Poznan (Poland)

Christmas in Poznan. Shutterstock

The International Ice Sculpture Festival It is an almost unrivaled attraction, with the participation of artists from all over the world, who turn huge blocks of ice into precious figures. In addition, the many stalls selling handicrafts and food products give the Polish city a special attraction on these dates. The Old Market and La Libertad squares are the main Christmas locations. In addition, you can enjoy a spectacular noria that presides over the city center.

4- Vienna (Austria)

Christmas market in Vienna. Shutterstock

The Austrian capital offers endless options to buy gifts, Christmas tree ornaments and crafts, as well as a wide catalog of activities typical of these dates and workshops in which to develop hobbies or creative tasks. His illumination It is one of the most spectacular on the Old Continent. The city, at this time, gives the best of itself, maintaining the elegance that usually characterizes him.

5- Brussels (Belgium)

Christmas market in Brussels. Shutterstock

The Belgian capital is an ideal destination for any time of the year, but especially at Christmas, when it raises its Winter Wonders until the entrance of the new year. The wooden huts are spectacular and there is also a skating rink, light and music shows, a large tree visible in the center of the city, a life-size nativity scene and a large number of exhibitions throughout the urban center.

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