Thursday, September 16

The most warrior Hercules – Information


The most positive feature of the Hercules boot

It’s what to stick with after two games. Regardless of the type of game that the coach is trying to instill, for now we know that we are facing a team with character, intense and with the ability to overcome adversity. In Villafranqueza Hercules lived a real trial by fire from which at another time he would have been injured and without points, while in this new stage the victory was achieved despite finishing with eight and overcoming a painful goal from Benja after a failure of the goalie. An epic victory from which the team comes out strongly reinforced Despite the casualties with which he will have to face Saturday’s duel against Mar Menor in a Rico Pérez that will not be able to exceed 5,000 spectators after the Consell’s refusal to the request of the Blue and White club to allow double the number of fans to enter.

Aketxe and Acuña

… and there is still more powder

The team pleases a lot even though not all the pieces are on the board yet. Aketxe is already training and Acuña is counting the days to return to a call-up after six months. In case there was not enough character in the team, Mora will soon be able to have two scorers of those who penetrate the fans. Aketxe was injured in the preseason and has been training with his teammates for a very short time. He is one of the star signings of Hercules along with an enraged Acuña who is crazy to show what he could not last season. Gunpowder is not lacking in the team this year and it has a lot in the chamber. It must be time to forget the scoring drought of recent years with a very different team that has things very clear with Mora’s stamp already in place.


Strength, dedication and commitment to the team

In his first game with the Hercules shirt, he scored a goal and an assist, showing the conditions of a high-level player despite the fact that he had hardly trained with his teammates nor did he have much time to rest after returning with his national team. The midfielder on loan from Zaragoza is eager to show what he has not been able to do in previous years. His words reflect that the coach’s message has penetrated the African player well: «The field (due to the conditions of Antonio Solana) is not a reason not to be able to play or compete. If you are a fighter, you will fight in any field. If he maintains the line that he demonstrated on Sunday, it will be very painful when he has to leave with his team, on October 6, without going any further, or in 2022 for the African Cup dispute.


The irruption of the quarry with another young value

Nico is another example of the importance of taking care of the quarry. The young winger of the Alicante team has been a starter for two games playing at a high level. Player of great verticality as demonstrated shortly before the first goal when sped off two rivals causing the expulsion of Rofino. His self-confidence in the first two games is very appreciated, winning the title again in Saturday’s game.

Chuli, the new idol

More effectiveness, impossible

“Hercules has to go to war even with a spoon,” were his first words after scoring the winning goal against Intercity. First shot on goal and first goal minutes after jumping onto the pitch. Chuli could not have started better his way in the blue and white team with a goal from a great player that caused the outbreak of the fans. He is clear about Mora’s philosophy and wins integers to be one of the starters in Saturday’s meeting. For now, credibility has been earned.

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