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The mother of ‘Mona’ Rodríguez donated her heart, liver, lungs and kidneys to five patients

The family of ‘Mona’ Rodríguez donated her heart and other organs to five patients.

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On September 27, it was announced that the officer Eddi González shot a moving car in a parking lot near a Long Beach school, Millikan, wounding Manuela ‘Mona’ Rodriguez in the head. of 18 years. More than a week after the event, it is known that the officer was fired by the authorities of the school district.

Meanwhile, the family of ‘Mona’ Rodriguez who was declared brain dead on Monday of last week by doctors at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, he made the decision to bring to life other people who have struggled to get an organ.

Officially, the legal representative of the family of the occisa, Luis Carrillo, reported that the young mother of a five-month-old boy was disconnected from the mechanical ventilator who maintained the vital functions of their body after donating their organs.

It was then that the young woman’s heart, lungs, two kidneys and liver were successfully transplanted into five people.

“Another family will have one more opportunity to fight, an opportunity that we did not have,” Oscar Rodríguez, one of the four ‘Mona’ siblings, told CNN.

He also announced that both he and his family will fight so that the death of ‘Mona’ does not go unpunished: “We want justice for my sister, we want the murderer to go to jail, we want prosecution to occur, we want my sister to rest in peace knowing that her murderer is behind bars.”

Among other details, Omar Rodriguez revealed that his sister would be buried with the bullet in the head since the doctors could not extract it for one reason: “The bullet used was a hollow point bullet and what happened was that the impact exploded inside her brain and shards of metal ricocheted inside his head. My sister was dead from the day she was shot. “

The Long Bach Police Department reported that officer Eddi González noticed a fight between an 18-year-old suspect (Mona) and a 15-year-old girl on the street, and upon realizing that the victim was trying to flee the scene. aboard a sedan this one fired.

The action of the officer is prohibited by state laws that prohibit school officials from shooting at a moving car. because statistics have shown that 16% of the fatalities of police shootings have occurred when shooting at a moving car.

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