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The mother of the 2-year-old boy abandoned on the road in Mexico appears, asks for it

A Honduran woman demands that her two-year-old son be returned to her, who he was abandoned, along with eight other migrants on a highway in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

The child’s mother was identified as Lorena Garcia Vasquez, who gave an interview to the chain Univision, and explained that the boy was traveling to the United States with his father, but so far the whereabouts of the latter is unknown.

Honduran mother asks for help to get her son back

García Vásquez demands that the Mexican immigration authorities return to your little son, named Wilder, who was found last Monday, June 28, with a naked torso and among the garbage on a highway in Veracruz.

According to Migration’s national institute (INM) from Mexico, the best one was on a highway with eight other migrants who were abandoned by the driver of a tractor-trailer, where they were crowded together.

They were traveling in crowded conditions

And it is that according to the testimony of the undocumented, they traveled with almost a hundred undocumented in a trailer, but in overcrowded conditions, for which some hit the part of the truck as they showed signs of dehydration and suffocation.

Upon being rescued by immigration authorities, no adult claimed to be a relative of the two-year-old.

So the authorities of the INM they contacted the Guatemalan and Honduran consulates, prompting García Vásquez to identify their young son.

Support the woman to reunite with her child

After proving the relationship between García Vásquez and the minor, the IThe National Migration Institute and the Honduran diplomatic authorities expressed their greater willingness to reunite the child with his mother who is in Honduras..

García Vásquez is originally from the municipality of Cabañas, west of Tegucigalpa and explained to the Univision network that both she and Wilder’s father decided that it was better for him to travel together with the little boy to the United States, since they considered that it was easier to go to the American Union with a baby.

“They were happening like this with minors …”, stated the woman in the interview with the Hispanic network.

But, García Vásquez said that she does not know anything about her husband, since last June 25 she lost contact with him.

And it was he who called García Vásquez to inform him about his journey through Mexico to the United States.

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