Tuesday, June 6

The mother of the alleged murderer of Marta Calvo testifies this Friday

Jorge Ignacio PJ in a file photo.

Jorge Ignacio PJ in a file photo.

The head of the Court of Instruction number 20 of Valencia has planned take a statement this Friday, as a witness, to the mother of Jorge Ignacio PJ, the main suspect in the death of Marta Calvo and two other young women.

This statement was requested by the lawyers for the private accusations, Pilar Jové and Juan Carlos Navarro, and agreed by the investigating judge to the third, since he had rejected it on two previous occasions.

Jové, the lawyer representing Marta Calvo’s mother, justified the request for a statement from the suspect’s mother based on the statement of a friend of the detainee before the Civil Guard who stated that “if anyone knows something, it is obviously the mother”.

It had also been requested by the lawyer Juan Carlos Navarro, who represents several women who survived sexual encounters. with cocaine with the detainee, on the basis of a psychiatric report recently incorporated into the case that indicates that the mother did not approve of his lifestyle and that in his opinion shows a high level of complicity between them.

This lawyer tries to find out if the mother can know any other details both about the disappearance of Marta Calvo and about the possible involvement of her son in the other deaths and sexual assaults.

The investigating judge had previously denied this request up to two times., and as explained by the defenses, the woman could choose not to testify despite having been summoned, since the person being investigated was a direct relative.

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The mother of the detainee lived in Mallorca at the time of the events (and also today), although it is known that she was there the weekend after Marta Calvo disappeared (she was not heard from again after sending a message with its location, corresponding to a house in the Valencian town of Manuel) with his son in Manuel, since it was his birthday.

The disappearance of Marta Calvo occurred on Thursday, November 7, 2019And that morning the young woman, whose body has not yet been found, sent her mother a message with her location, in Manuel’s home.

As the lawyers for the private prosecution have explained, the woman arrived late by plane to the Manises airport and took the last train to Xàtiva, and on her return her son took her to the airport on Sunday night.

These lawyers have explained that they do not know the reason why the defendant did not pick up his mother on Friday, despite the fact that he was late, so there are doubts about what he could have been doing.


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