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The mother of the disappeared girls in Tenerife asks the father to “give up” and “do not make them suffer any more”

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12 days have passed since the disappearance in Tenerife of Thomas Antonio Gimeno and her two daughters ages 1 and 6, Anna y Olivia, with a time in which the trace of the little ones has been fading and the lines of investigation diversifying to try to locate the family.

The mother of the little ones, Beatriz Z. has spread a message of thanks “to the whole world” and especially to the police and investigation team for the dissemination and “incredible collaboration” in the search for “my little girls”, versa in message.

«There are no words to explain what a mother can feel when they take his two reasons for being», Anna and Olivia. Thanks to this dissemination, the mother of the minors who disappeared since last Tuesday, April 27, trusts in “the force of love” of all, so that «Together and united we can find them«.

In this text disseminated through social networks, Beatriz Z. has asked the girls’ father, Tomás Antonio Gimeno, to «please give up “and” do not make them suffer more because they are not to blame for anything».

“Do not make them suffer more because they are not to blame for anything”

The search «is a long-distance race»In which she confesses she remains« strong »for them and thanks« to all of you », she expresses to those who support her because« I feel that they are rowing with me».

“My little girls will be deeply grateful and it is very nice to feel the connection between all for the same reason”, which gives her hope to “build a world of love and compassion in the face of adversity” on which “we all rely on”.

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This support and international dissemination «helps me to get up every day hopeful that today they come back».

«Feeling this support helps me to get up every day hopeful that today they come back»

Ten days missing

The team that investigates the whereabouts of the three, made up of Civil Guard agents who comb Tenerife and the western islands by land, sea and air, as well as teams specialized in criminalistics, underwater tracking and the UCO, maintain two hypotheses: the disappearance at sea and flight international as main lines.

For this, the coast is being studied in detail, as well as the car, the boat, the house and the farm owned by Gimeno, his bank accounts and the location of his telephone, in search of a trace that could point to the whereabouts of girls. In the same way, the option of an international flight is proposed, so the alarm has been raised in all countries and it is being studied a possible movement of the three to South America, after ruling out Africa as the most likely destination.

The missing girls in Tenerife could not be in Spain

Canary Islands, in suspense

The Canarian community maintains the desire to find Anna and Olivia soon and alive, in suspense since last Tuesday. A group of anonymous citizens of the islands has launched an initiative to show their solidarity and that of the entire archipelago to the family of the girls Olivia and Anna Gimeno, calling for an applause which pretends to be massive, from the windows and balconies of all the houses on the islands, this Sunday, May 9 at 8 p.m..

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The group of promoters of this initiative have invited all political representatives, public institutions, neighborhood organizations and show your support Beatriz Z., the girls’ mother, and the whole family.

They also invite vehicles to honk their horns as a sign of support and to the boats that are moored in the Canarian ports or in the waters of the islands.The objective is for the entire Canary archipelago to unite for a moment as a sign of affection and in memory of Olivia and Anna, so that they also know that they are not alone.

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