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The mother of the murdered child in Elda believes that justice has been served but “Dominique will never return”

Penélope Martínez, hours before the trial for the murder of her foster son, committed on August 30, 2017. |

Penélope Martínez, hours before the trial for the murder of her foster son, committed on August 30, 2017. |

The mother of the murdered child in Elda feels that the reviewable permanent prison sentence imposed on the accused Alejandra García has done justice, and that the sentence is “deserved and proportionate” to the damage caused. «But I also think that nobody has won in this whole process because Dominique will not return. I lost my son, I lost my life, we lost Domi a lot of people: my parents, my sister, my nephews, all my family, my friends and their friends, “Penelope Martínez told this newspaper yesterday before breaking down in tears. He admits that, after hearing the sentence, he has sunk into the tranquility of knowing that both the verdict of the popular jury, as well as the sentence imposed by the magistrate, do justice to his son. But she is also aware that now a hard and long way to go begins for her. «My son went into a lie and he was screaming the truth. And I was very moved that his voice was heard during the trial, three years after he was murdered, but on the other hand it hurts so much that he is never heard again … ».

“It was to be expected that the condemned woman would appeal the sentence but nothing can be done against the truth”

Although the judicial resolution is in line with what was requested by the private accusation exercised by the mother in permanent foster care of the child, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Generalitat Valenciana that maintained the guardianship of the minor, Penelope now affirms that there is nothing to celebrate. “First I have to assimilate it but I am very deeply rooted in everything that has happened in these days”, she is sincere, thanking all the support received “both from those who are close and those who are far away, who are her family.” He also acknowledges that “everything is proving very difficult for me. I keep tightening that rope with that knot of emotions that I cannot let untie yet because I need more time ».

Alejandra García after declaring her guilty by the popular jury. | MANUEL R. SALA

Regarding the appeal filed by the murderer’s lawyer, Penelope indicates that she is not surprised. «It was to be expected that he would resort but I reiterate what I have said, and that is that there is a closed investigation and some facts that are confirmed, and against the truth nothing can be done. It is not that I say it, it is that my son spoke with his little body, and this was made clear at the trial by a team of highly qualified professionals, from the Forensic Police, who were able to relate the truth of the facts.

“I was very moved that my son’s voice was heard at the trial but it hurts me that he is not heard again”

Tattooed on your heart

A heart. That was the first tattoo that Penelope was made to celebrate that the Generalitat Valenciana had granted her the permanent reception of Dominique after the process of family rapprochement. The heart he tattooed it on his little finger to play a word game with Dominique. A year later his name was tattooed and later the phrase that every night he whispered in her ear to wish her good dreams: “Mommy loves you to infinity and beyond.” It was two months before the vile murder took place and it was precisely the slogan chosen by Grupo Abril for the campaign with which, two weeks before the trial, they filled the windows, balconies and shop windows of Elda with posters demanding justice for the eight year old. After the irrational crime, Penelope wanted to tattoo the smiling face of her son on her arm to always carry it with her. An image that the child’s friends always want to see to remember him. The next tattoos were his favorite toys, his plane and his train, and the glasses he was wearing the day he was strangled from the back by his foster father’s ex-partner. The last tattoo has been the star “that shines the most in the sky” and that symbolizes the number 105 with which Domi competed in his paratriathlon club. And they will not be the last images that Penelope records in her arms, feet and hands so that her “angel” accompanies her until the end of her days. Two will be my next tattoos. One is the drawing that my niece made and that I have saved for a long time and the other I will do when I can smile again for no reason, “he says before collapsing.

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