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The mother of the Nicaraguan boy who was rejected at the US border is released in Mexico

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Happy ending for the mother of the Nicaraguan boy rejected at the US border, whose video in which he is seen crying in a desert landscape of Texas went around the world. Meylin Obregn, the mother of Wilton Eniel Gutirrez, 10, has been released, as the brother of the woman who lives in Miami, Misael Obregn, announced on his YouTube channel: “I have the best news in the world and the happiest of my life. My sister has been released from the hands of the kidnappers mafia“However, he did not give more details of the exact point of release, or where the woman is, or if he paid any ransom for her release. He only showed his” joy “for this news with which he will be able to” sleep in peace. “.

After going viral the video of the boy wandering alone on a road, Misael Obregn explained that his sister and nephew had emigrated to the US “fleeing violence and extreme poverty.” However, when they managed to enter the United States, they were rejected and deported to Mexico, where, according to their version, were kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers who requested $ 10,000 to release them in a phone call they had with him. After sending 5,000 dollars through a money transfer company, they only released the child, while the mother continued until this Wednesday in the hands of the kidnappers with whom she remained in contact.

Thus, the uncle of the minor related in an interview with Telemundo, days before learning of the release of his sister, that she had been “12 years suffering domestic violence” by her partner, which is why she decided to go with her son to USA. Thus, considers “outrageous what the regime of dictator Daniel Ortega is doing“, who intends to repatriate the boy to Nicaragua so that he can return to his father, Lzaro Gutirrez, a 35-year-old farmer, originally from the Monte de Oro community in the Muelle de los Bueyes municipality, in the center of this Central American country.

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Indeed, the Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, reported last Monday that the Government is already taking steps to request the formal repatriation of the child Wilton Eniel Gutirrez, who is in a shelter in Brownsville, Texas, waiting to be reunited with his family, although it is still unknown whether or not his mother will be able to enter the United States, after being released in Mexico.

According to Murillo, the Nicaraguan consul, Samuel Trejos, has already gone to the place where the child remains in Texas to be interested in his state and to assure him the support of the Government of his country. The vice president explained that both the father of the minor and other family members have requested that their repatriation be arranged, so the steps are already being taken to do so.


However, the boy’s uncle who resides in the United States and who paid the $ 5,000 to be freed from his captors, Misael Obregn, describes the intervention of the Sandinista government as “abuse” He is accused of “politicizing” the child, because both he and his mother “have been fleeing the violence.” Thus, in an interview with Telemundo, Obregn assured that he felt “relief” when he saw that Wilton Eniel Gutirrez was in the hands of the US authorities, where “you will have all the protection that Nicaragua never had“As he stressed,” the child is fine and all he wants is to leave soon.

For this reason, Misael Obregn wanted to send a message to Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo: “Please, do not get involved in what does not correspond to you or what is convenient for you, because the child fled the country of domestic violence and extreme poverty and dedicate yourselves to caring for the children who are in the streets of Nicaragua begging for alms and food and to caring for the women who are violated and murdered on a daily basis. ”

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In this sense, he recalled that the president and vice president of Nicaragua can go and ask the organizations and verify that there are “very many” women murdered in that country, and yet “the government does nothing.” For this reason, he insisted on asking them that they dedicate themselves to tackle this problem “and not to politicize the child, whose future is in the US and not in Nicaragua.”

Despite this, Rosario Murillo has already detailed that Interinstitutional Commissions have been formed that together with the Ministry of Family, National Police and the Ministry of the Interior are already carrying out the necessary procedures to meet the request of the child’s father to proceed with their repatriation, while continuing to “provide accompaniment to the father and the family, here in our Nicaragua.”

The minor undertook with his mother the trip to the United States on February 7 “motivated by relationship problems at home”, according to Murillo herself, who, however, is now doing all the procedures to get the child repatriated, whose story was known through a video in which he was seen wandering absolutely alone in the middle of the desert after traveling more than 3,700 kilometers from his native Nicaragua.

Specifically, he was on a stony road, located in La Grulla (Texas), where it was raining and he was covered with a hood. In principle, It was revealed that a group of migrants of which he was a part continued their exodus to the United States. leaving him alone, although later, it was revealed that he had been the victim of a kidnapping along with his mother with whom he was traveling. Even the Nicaraguan government had asked Interpol to locate Meylin Obregn.

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No one would have known the story of this family if they had not jumped on social networks, thanks to a video that an agent of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recorded, who met the boy on April 1 when he was driving his car. vehicle on his day off in the border area east of Ro Grande City, between Texas (USA) and Tamaulipas (Mexico). After getting off, the little boy quickens his step towards him and, very scared, asks him: “Can you help me?” The entire conversation was recorded on video that was posted on Facebook by a friend of the border agent.

“What happened?”, The CBP agent asks in Spanish, to which the minor answers between sobs and indicating backwards that “I came with a group of people and they left me ‘dumped’ and I don’t know where they are”.

“Aren’t you coming with mommy or daddy or someone?”

“Nobody, I came in a group and in the end they dumped me and came here to ask for help. I come because if not, where am I going to go? maybe they can rob me, kidnap me or something and I’m scaredThe boy was then transferred to the CBP detention facilities in Donna, Texas, and from there he was taken to a shelter in Brownsville, Texas, where he is still waiting for him to be reunited with his mother in the United States. or to be repatriated to Nicaragua to be reunited with his father.

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