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The motorist who died in Badajoz was Francisco Mera, who lost his daughter in another accident

Francisco Mera lost his life in the accident that occurred on Thursday in this section of the ring road. / pakopi

He was 69 years old and well known in the city for having run two dental laboratories in the Casco Antiguo and the neighborhood of the station

Evaristo Fdez de Vega

Francisco Mera, 69 years old, was the motorcyclist who lost his life in the traffic accident that occurred this Thursday afternoon on the Badajoz ring road, an event that hit the same family for the second time given that one of his daughters, Sofía Mera, also died in a traffic accident.

Paco Mera was well known for his dental laboratory and clinic, in which there was a workshop specializing in orthodontic prosthetics. The first location was on Calle Arcoagüero, in the Casco Antiguo, and later he opened another in the neighborhood of the station.

His easy way of dealing had made him a well-known person in Badajoz, a city that felt the death of his daughter Sofía, who died at the age of 35 in another unfortunate accident.

The accident that cost Sofía her life occurred in the summer of 2016 when she was returning to Badajoz. It occurred at 2:00 p.m. at kilometer 83,600 of the Ex-206 highway (Medellín-Santa Amalia), where the Alfa Romeo collided in the that María Sofía Mera was traveling and the Renault Megane driven by Francisca Morcillo, a 43-year-old driver who was also injured.

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The Civil Traffic Guard confirmed that it was a straight section and although the emergency personnel arrived in the area quickly, they were unable to save the life of the young woman, who was the mother of a young child.

Sofía had studied at the Puerta Palma school in Badajoz before passing through the Alfonso X University and the University of Extremadura. She was a specialist in Hearing and Language. When she suffered the accident, she worked at the public institute Luis Chamizo de Don Benito and her death caused a strong commotion among the teachers.

Months later, a campaign began to collect signatures requesting that the future Cerro Gordo school in Badajoz bear the name of this teacher as a reminder of a professional who represented all the teachers who travel daily on their way to work.

The applicants wanted the center to be called Maestra Sofía Mera, “in honor of the group of teachers who walk our roads to impart education to all corners of Extremadura and especially in honor of Sofía Mera, who gave her life doing what What she liked the most, being a teacher.

Francisco Mera, who was the father of two other daughters, suffered in 2016 the death of his eldest daughter. Now the tragedy is repeated in another accident that occurred on Reina Sofía Avenue in Badajoz, where a collision between two motorcycles cost Francisco his life, who crashed into a palm tree, and caused minor injuries to the other motorcyclist, that this Friday he was waiting to be operated on for the injuries he suffers in his legs.

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