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The moving cry of a boyfriend to see his quadriplegic girlfriend walking down the aisle

Asha Bailey is a professional wedding photographer, who has a TikTok account and a couple of shared videos of her most recent work have moved hearts due to the great love story of a couple and the improvement of the bride.

Chelsie Hill is the name of the bride who has caused astonishment and who became a quadriplegic when she was only 17 years old. This did not stop the woman from moving on with her life as she became the CEO and founder of Rollettes, a wheelchair dance team in Los Angeles.

In addition, she usually raises her voice in favor of people who like her, walk in a wheelchair, which is why she has more than 167,000 followers on Instagram.

A couple of years ago she met Jay Bloomfield, with whom she began a relationship so formal that it ended in a wedding.

The long awaited day for this couple has arrived. Chelsie always dreamed of walking down the aisle hand in hand with his father, which his condition did not prevent him from being able to do so and thus give a great surprise to his guests, but especially to his fiancé.

“I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with being in a chair. But growing up, I always imagined myself walking down the aisle on my wedding day, ”the bride confessed in an interview with Insider.

“And I just wanted to feel that, not that my disability took anything away from me, but I just wanted to feel that heart to heart and be face to face with it. That was something really important to me, “he added.

So Chelsie had a special wedding dress made that had a removable skirt so she could easily stand up. with the help of orthotics and a walker.

This was quite a surprise for Jay, her now husband, who after staying on his back for a few seconds, he was surprised when he saw his girlfriend walking down the aisle. The man’s emotion was captured on video by the photographer, which has gone viral.

“After my accident, I was not sure if I would ever find someone who truly loved me completely. You have accepted me completely, you have honored me and adored all my parts. Right now today, he wanted to do something that he had always dreamed of. Stand in front of you as we promise our lives, ”Hill told Bloomfield in his vows, which he shared on Instagram.

The bride had more surprises in store

Besides walking down the aisle to the altar, Hill had other surprises in store for her husband Well, with the help of his dance group, he prepared some special choreographies for that special day.

In fact, Chelsie surprised again by dancing, standing next to her father, and in the same way she used her orthopedic devices to be able to perform the first husband dance with Bloomfield.

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