Wednesday, October 5

The municipal accounts of Cáceres pass the procedure of the Economy Commission

Two credit modifications have also been approved for a total amount of 9,463,211

The Economy Commission of the City Council of Cáceres has given the green light this Thursday to the municipal budget, which amounts to 75,480,799 euros. The accounts have had the votes in favor of the PSOE, United We Can and the non-attached councilor Teófilo Amores, the votes against the PP and the councilor of Ciudadanos Raquel Preciados and the abstention of the councilor of Ciudadanos Antonio Bohigas. The budgets will go to plenary session next week for final approval.

“It is a balanced and expansive budget. When we entered the City Council we found a budget that did not reach 69 million euros, and now it exceeds 75, to which must be added, since they are not collected, the local employment plan for more than 3 million euros and the recovery funds”, highlighted the Councilor for the Economy, María Ángeles Costa.

Direct taxes exceed 35 million -compared to almost 32 last year- and indirect taxes account for almost five. Fees and other income are almost 10 million euros (4% more than the previous year), current transfers account for almost 23 million euros, and capital transfers 2 million euros, according to a note sent by City Hall.

In terms of expenses, personnel expenses are almost 27 million euros, current expenses almost 28 million (10% more) and current transfers 13.9 million (an increase of more than 6% compared to the last year). For its part, the investments have a provision of four million.

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“The budget allocation has been increased in all areas of the City Council,” Costa highlighted. “We continue to bet on two very important sectors in the city, such as culture, with an increase of almost 14% in its budget, and tourism, with an increase of 28%”, he added.

The commission has also approved two credit modifications for a total amount of 9,463,211. One of them, for an amount of 9,071,704 euros, has been approved with the votes in favor of the PSOE, United We Can, and the non-attached councilor Teófilo Amores; while the PP and the Citizens councilor Raquel Preciados have voted against and the Citizens councilor, Antonio Bohigas, has abstained. The second, amounting to 391,507 euros, has been unanimously approved. Both modifications will be carried out with a charge to the remaining treasury, of 13.3 million euros.

The first modification, explained Costa, includes the creation of a public municipal housing stock with an investment of 1.5 million to acquire real estate (this point is part of the agreement signed with the United Municipal Group We Can for the approval of the Budgets); and the rehabilitation of municipal housing in Aldea Moret, for which one million euros will be allocated; as well as improvements in accessibility in Llopis Ivorra (170,000 euros). It also includes the restoration of benches on Paseo Alto, pits on Gil Cordero street and “the improvement of urban connectivity on the Marco riverbank, with the acquisition of a building to improve pedestrian connectivity in the caleros street area, Villalobos and Tanneries».

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In the second modification, of just over 390,000 euros, a children’s play park in Los Castellanos is included for an amount of 150,000 euros.

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