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The Municipal Mediation Service between residents of the North Zone serves 4,592 residents so far this year

Image from the archive of the San Gabriel neighborhood, in Alicante

Image from the archive of the San Gabriel neighborhood, in Alicante

Helping to solve conflicts between neighbors, promoting coexistence and favoring the autonomy of residents in the 6 neighborhoods of the North Zone are priority objectives of a booming municipal service: Mediation, Legal Advice and Intervention in neighboring communities. This service works in the city district made up of Virgen del Remedio, Colonia Requena, Juan XXIII 2nd sector, Four hundred homes, Nou Alacant and Virgen del Carmen.

Councilor Antonio Peral, responsible for the Presidency, Coordination of Projects, Innovation and European Fund Raising, has among his powers this role of mediation, which ensures the improvement of the living conditions of the more than 30,000 inhabitants of the North Zone

Awarded for two more years

Peral specifies through a press release that the last Governing Board of the City Council renewed the Mediation Service in neighboring communities for the next two years with a budget of 222,438 euros. After holding the corresponding open procedure, the company Filias Desarrollo Comunitarios SL won the contest.

Peral has highlighted that the work of the mediation team is deeply rooted in the aforementioned neighborhoods, an evident circumstance in the annual annotations with the neighborhood communities served: 127 in 2019, with 3,556 direct users, and 153 communities in 2018, with 4,284 direct users. During 2020, 4,592 residents were served, according to data provided by the aforementioned service.

The Councilor for Project Coordination has highlighted that, thanks to the last award, the mediation team made up of three professionals -two social workers and an educator- has seen extended your week to a total of 90 hours. The legal advice section is provided for 4 hours a week and is provided by a lawyer, who helps communities of owners to carry out legal procedures connected with the Horizontal Property Law, which governs the formal development of communities.

Breakdowns in buildings, absenteeism, improper use of the street

Peral has reported that a good part of the cases in which this mediation team intervenes in neighboring communities has to do with the breakdowns that arise in your properties, with more than half a century of existence. The breaks or blockages of pipes and downspouts lead to “pools” of water on the ground floor of the buildings and, as there is no agreement between the tenants, either due to financial reasons or due to quarrels, the condition of foundations, accumulation of dirty water and the corresponding unhealthiness.

Non-payment of fees in the communities, cases of school absenteeism or loneliness of elderly neighbors are common problems in which “mediators” are also involved. Other situations in which they act, according to data from the North Zone Comprehensive Plan Coordination Office, are derived from improper use of public space due to accumulation of belongings in the street (junk), holding parties or bonfires on public roads until high hours or the proliferation of residues in them.

Coordination work

“It is also important to highlight the coordination work that performs the service with other municipal areas to solve problems, such as Security, Health, Property Conservation, Social Action, Cleaning, Housing and Education ”, explains Antonio Peral. “They also act as a” bridge “with other institutions, such as the Department of Health or the Valencian Housing and Land Entity.”

“All this joint work is difficult, but it has been consolidated over the years and is now essential for the problem solving detected ”, has indicated the mayor of the Presidency and Coordination.

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