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The mysterious ‘Havana syndrome’ already extends to more than 130 US officials.




A mysterious evil began to afflict US diplomats and CIA agents working in Havana in 2016. Vertigo, nausea, dizziness and headaches were some of the symptoms, which from Washington were attributed to some kind of “sonic attack.” It would be caused by a sophisticated acoustic device that would operate outside the human hearing range in the Cuban capital, according to the State Department, which ended up withdrawing a good part of the diplomatic legation personnel.

Similar episodes were subsequently recorded in the Chinese city of Canton, China, and between intelligence agents who had traveled to different countries, including Russia. The disturbing ‘Havana syndrome’ that caused brain damage also affected members of Canada’s diplomatic staff in the Cuban capital, prompting Ottawa to withdraw many of them.

Last year the US National Academy of Sciences published the results of a report, signed by 19 experts, in which it pointed out that “the most plausible mechanism” causing the syndrome was a “directed” radio frequency “pulse”. Although they did not rule out other secondary factors influencing the symptoms.

The newspaper ‘The New York Times’ now reveals that more than 130 people, more than double the number so far known, are affected by this enigmatic evil, and he points out that there is evidence that points to Russia.

Based on interviews with a score of officials and former officials, the New York newspaper adds to the 60 cases known so far, mainly from Cuba and China (without including an undetermined number of CIA agents), others are added in Europe and elsewhere. Asia.

In-depth investigation of the Biden Administration

The number of people affected in the ranks of the CIA, the State Department, the Defense Department and others, a part of them in recent months, has unleashed concern within the Biden Administration, which is thoroughly reviewing this type of incidents incidents.

Since last December, at least three intelligence agency agents have reported serious health effects in episodes abroad. One occurred in the last two weeks, and all have required officers to undergo outpatient treatment at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center or other facilities.

In a previously unreported case in 2019, a military officer who was abroad stopped his vehicle at an intersection, then suffered nausea and headaches, according to four current and former officials briefed on these events. His two-year-old son, sitting in the back seat, began to cry. After the officer walked away from the intersection, his nausea stopped and the boy stopped crying.

Both received government medical care, although it is unclear whether they suffered long-term debilitating effects. Officials suspect the officer may have been attacked.

The Administration of President Joe Biden has not determined who or what is responsible for these episodes or if they constitute attacks. Some Pentagon officials believe that Russia’s military intelligence agency, the TOWER CRANE, is probably behind the case of the two-year-old boy, and evidence pointing to Russia has emerged in other cases, but intelligence agencies have not concluded any cause or whether a foreign power is involved in them.

“For now, we do not have definitive information on the cause of these incidents and it is premature and irresponsible to speculate,” Amanda J. Schoch, spokeswoman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, told the aforementioned newspaper.

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