Wednesday, December 2

The mysterious piece of Mexican pottery that reveals a hidden meaning of “Las Meninas”, one of the masterpieces of universal art


The painting “Las meninas” is the most iconic work in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Sometimes a jug is just a jug. Others, it is the door to a new way of perception.

In the masterpiece “Las Meninas”, a game of shadows and mirrors that has never ceased to intrigue, a small and until now quite unnoticed clay jug in the center of the canvas transforms the work, a snapshot of palace life, into a treatise on the illusory and transcendental nature of existence.

Without this clay object, the mystery of the work withers, which has captured the attention of observers for more than three and a half centuries, since Velázquez’s brush illuminated it in 1656.

To fully appreciate how a popular piece of pottery from Latin America becomes a lens to capture the world again, we must remember the cultural context in which the painting arose and what it was intended to portray.

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