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The mysterious Spanish week of the Rolling Stones



The news has already unleashed fan madness: after finishing their rehearsals in Amsterdam, the Rolling Stones land this Thursday in Madrid, six days before their long-awaited concert at the Wanda Metropolitano. For now little is known (or rather nothing) about what their leisure plans will be in Spain during this week of acclimatization (it is rumored that on Monday they will attend a flamenco party prepared for them), but if they continue with their tradition, they will probably spend at least his first night at the Hotel Palace or at the Villamagna in the capital, which, as the rocker also tells us
Javier Vargas
, are the places where they usually stay. The leader of the Vargas Blues Band will be one of the opening acts for the evening at the Atleti stadium, “a luxury within the reach of few”, as he assures ABC from his rehearsal room.

“All my colleagues are calling me to ask for tickets,” jokes the guitarist from Madrid. “I have an amulet that a friend from Mississippi gave me to protect me from the Devil, in case his Satanic Majesties get too close to me (laughs). No, seriously, being around someone as big as the Stones is an amazing thing.”

Vargas will play with John Byron Jagger, nephew of the Rolling singer, with whom he recorded the album ‘Move on’ in 2019, in an alliance that will be repeated on an upcoming album. At the time, he also recorded and toured with John’s father, from
chris jagger
(Mick’s younger brother), and evidently so many family connections have given him special rights. “I got to meet Mick three years ago, but getting this opportunity to open for him is another level. It is wonderful to be able to participate in this great party with seventy thousand people. It’s a blessing, any band on the planet would sign a pact with the Devil to be where we are now. It’s going to be an incredible night that I’m going to enjoy to the fullest.”

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Vargas has seen the Stones twelve times, “the first in Memphis in 1975, with the ‘Black and Blue’ tour, with ZZ Top opening for ‘Three Men’.” This time the opening act will be him, and also with the honor of meeting the Stones thanks to the invitation of the Jagger family to stop by the dressing room. “It is a blessing that they are still alive and making music,” Vargas says goodbye before continuing his rehearsals. “We need them. We need good blues and good rock’n’roll, which is what this world needs.”

There are still tickets left for the concert, in which the Rolling Stones will present a new production of the show that celebrates their 60th anniversary, ‘Sixty’. As expected on this occasion, the Stones, once again accompanied by Steve Jordan on drums (replacing the late Charlie Watts), will offer fans a song list like no other, full of classics, as well as a selection of songs surprises and surprises from his formidable arsenal of songs every night. After this start of the European tour, the Estonian delegation will make stops in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Austria, France and Sweden throughout the summer.

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