Tuesday, October 3

The mysterious “Team A” returns the dogs rescued from the lava of the La Palma volcano

As quickly and mysteriously as they disappeared, the rescued dogs appeared from a farm surrounded by lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma. The mysterious “A-Team” who rescued the dogs by surprise before a drone company was to pull them out of their deadly trap has delivered them safely.

The animals are in “perfect condition” and “were previously in good health”. This has been assured by the general director of Animal Rights, Sergio García, although for greater security they will be given veterinary examinations. According to García there are six dogs, four with a chip and two of them without identification.

Garcia now explains “it will be up to the competent administration” to determine what to do with them. “We have no idea how the rescue was,” Garcia said; what is known in this mysterious case delivery is that “they called veterinarians, gave a location and the animals were there outside the danger zone, the lava zone where they had been confined.”

Last Thursday, when the drone company was preparing to rescue the animals, they found the pond where they were locked empty. In its place there was a mysterious banner in which the “Team A” wished the palm trees encouragement and assured that “the dogs are fine”, although at first those responsible for the rescue did not see it.

Team A sent a video to the Leales.org platform that had alerted the public to the situation of the dogs. In it, the pond where the dogs had taken refuge is filmed with a drone and the voiceover of the well-known series of the 80s “The A team” was put on.

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What should have been a solidarity rescue and good news amid the destruction caused by the volcano is turning into a media soap opera. Despite the declarations of the person in charge of animal welfare, some newspapers assure that the Civil Guard and the local authorities do not know the whereabouts of the animals.

Leales.org has added fuel to the fire by suggesting that the animals are dead because there is no “proof of life” for 12 days, and that what happened with “Team A” is “a kidnapping.” According to the animal platform Leales.org, animals should be brought to justice as victims, among others, of a crime of abandonment.

In addition, the platform has detected the presence of a cat in the same situation and asks to be fed if it cannot be rescued.

According to Sergio García, it will be Seprona who decides what the animals will do once it is verified that they are in good health. At the moment they are in a foster home

In the last hours a new mouth of the volcano and the main cone has collapsed. More than a month after the start of the eruption, the Cumbre Vieja volcano has entered its most active phase to date.

It is speculated that the mysterious “Team A” may be related to the owner of the dogs, who feared consequences if it was estimated that there was a crime of abandonment. Also some sources believe that it could be hunting lovers. Others point out that they are animalists who wanted to denounce the bureaucratic obstacles to the rescue. What seems certain is that they knew the area well and used drones to avoid the most dangerous pouring areas, since they accessed the pond on foot.

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In any case, they violated the volcano’s exclusion zone and could face judicial reprisals.


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