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The mysterious voyages of Melba, the great ship that unites the dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba with Mexico

Mexico City



A merchant ship registered in Panamalaunched in 2004, is dedicated to sailing the Gulf of Mexico as if the discreet pirate Brazilian Rock of S.XVII it was. Specialized in the loading of containers and transfer of dry goods in general, Melba left at seven in the morning of August 1 of last year for the Cuban port of Mariel.

The shipment and its use continue to be an unknown quantity that Governments of Mexico and Cuba They don’t seem willing to clear. The only safe merchandise he transported were 200 respirators, which with an average weight of less than five kilograms, leave considerable space until reaching the thousand tons of the already famous ship, narrates Emeequis. Although at first he did not agree, this medical material was finally provided by the ‘The National Council of Science and Technology’ (known as Conacyt) which is in charge of establishing public policies in health matters.

The order was given the name of CIDESI and DTM Technologies and surprisingly it was refused to be installed on board the two ships of the Mexican Navy that left six and four days before Melba. The shipments with humanitarian aid, for the battered Cuban people, from the Libertador and Papaloapan ships they were received with honors in the Port of Havana, a usual procedure with donations from related governments and that was not available with the Conacyt fans. The Emeequis blog reports that the memorandum of understanding was signed by the Cuban ambassador to Mexico in 150 Ehécatl fans and 50 Gatsi, before, by the way, taking possession of his diplomatic post, which he agreed to in December. For now, neither the Ministry of Defense, nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor the president, who also acts as supreme commander of the Armed Forces, have confirmed the delivery of the medical material to the Castro dictatorship.

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The voyages of the social-communist ship

However, this has not been the only trip of this freighter, but up to 14 freight transports were recorded throughout last year with more than 5,700 tons, according to the National Port System Administration. His navigation chart contained the “Mexican origin of the cargo that in no case may transship and stopovers on US soil.” Melba has a special cadence for the Mexican port of Veracruz, although it has also anchored in Coatzacoalcos and Tuxpan bound for the Cuban port of Mariel, where it arrived nine of the fourteen times. In addition, she has visited Santiago de Cuba or Havana.

has filled your merchandise in up to ten trips from Venezuela, with preferred areas such as La Guaira, Cardon and Cabello towards the Caribbean island. In both Mexico and Venezuela he loads the merchandise that he then leaves for the Castro regime where he has visited the ports of Niquero, Cienfuegos, Tarafa and Puerto de Vita, in addition to those already mentioned.

The other trips between Mexico and Cuba

The Castro dictatorship has in Lopez Obrador to the leader who most vigorously declares war on the sanctions against Cuba from the United States. He defended the shipment of the two declared ships with humanitarian aid without understanding the blockade, assuring that he “would understand it if it were weapons.” The merchants transported oxygen tanks, masks, syringes, before some Cuban hospitals collapsed with 90,472 admitted patients by Covid-19. Another traveled with food supplies to alleviate the needs of the Cubans. In addition, the Foreign Ministry reported the arrival of 100,000 barrels of diesel to, according to the statement, “supply energy to hospitals on the island.”

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Another of the links was evident with the sending of a plane from the Mexican Air Force (FAM) used “for transportation operations and acquired to support the population in the event of a disaster.” The Mexican press reported that “the reason for the flight is not clear.”

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