Wednesday, October 27

The mystery of flight BA 149, the plane that landed in Kuwait just after the invasion of Iraq in 1990

  • Gordon Corera
  • BBC Security Correspondent

Flight BA149

Image source, Colin Davey/Getty Images


After the passengers and crew disembarked, the plane was destroyed on the runway.

For years there has been a controversy and mystery surrounding the landing of British Airways Flight 149 in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion in 1990.

It has been alleged that the UK government used it for a secret mission that resulted in the passengers and crew being abused in captivity for five months.

British Airways Flight 149 departed London on the night of August 1, 1990 and headed to Kuwait for a scheduled stopover on its way to Asia, despite the invasion having begun that night.

It landed on the morning of August 2. It was the only plane that arrived at the time when other airlines diverted their flights.

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