Friday, June 24

The mystery of human voice recordings made 3 decades before Thomas Edison’s

  • Dalia Ventura
  • BBC World News

Thomas Alva Edison


For 120 years Edison was believed to have been the first to record the human voice.

For 120 years there was a hardly controversial truth: that Thomas Alva Edison had been the first person to record the human voice.

The inventor of, among other things, the light bulb and the motion picture camera, he had famously achieved it in 1888 with another of his creations, the wax cylinder phonograph, and there were many witnesses to the feat, including concert-goers that he recorded. at the Handel Festival in Crystal Palace, London.

However, more than a century later, two members of the First Sounds Initiative – a collective that “strives to make humanity’s first sound recordings available to all people of all time” – began to suspect that there was an alternate reality.

His surprising discoveries led to the fact that in 2008 history was rewritten … twice.

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