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The mystery of the false business cards of the ‘secretary’ Vendrell




The bulk of the business cards were found by the Civil Guard in the office of an administrative worker of the Catalan Sports Selections Platform. But another, containing a handwritten notation, was in a filing cabinet at the home of Xavier Vinyals, president of this entity, in theory non-profit, that a judge believes that it served as a pipe to divert funds towards the independence orbit for purposes other than sports. Are business cards of Xavier Vendrell as alleged secretary general Of the entity. But this former Republican councilor of one of the Catalan tripartite governments never had any position on the platform, neither as a manager nor as a technician.

The business cards –Which can be seen in the following image that accompanies this text– they carry the Xavier Vendrell’s name and Segura, the ProSelections Platform logo, as well as the address of the entity’s headquarters -in Barcelona-, its website and the contact email of the alleged position, as well as two telephone numbers: one mobile line and one fixed line, which coincides with the one that appears on the entity’s website. The cards are part of the summary of the Voloh operation, a macrocause of alleged corruption with several edges, which is being investigated by the head of the Court of Instruction 1 of Barcelona, ​​Joaquín Aguirre. Both Vinyals and Vendrell are charged with this plot.

The false business cards that appear in the judicial summary
The false business cards that appear in the judicial summary – ABC

Employees don’t know you

The investigators asked some workers and former employees of the Platform about Vendrell’s alleged business card. Among them, the former administrative officer who carried out her work in the office where the Civil Guard had found them. When the agents showed him one of the cards, his response was forceful, according to one of the police reports: “He says that he had never seen him working on the Platform, nor did he go to it, and that he does not know if he holds or held this position at any time”. In similar terms, another of the former workers spoke. Asked if he remembered who the general secretary of the Platform was, he said that he believed that this position did not exist as such. And when he showed him the business card with Vendrell’s name, he replied that he did know who the former Republican politician was, but that, as far as he knew, Vendrell had no position in the entity. At least, during the years that the witness worked for the Platform.

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Vendrell stands out

Asked by ABC, Xavier Vendrell corroborated these versions. The Republican explained to this newspaper that he has never held any position in that entity, of which he is not even a member. AND claims not to know anything about those business cards in which his name appears accompanied by the supposed position of secretary general. While, the ProSelections Platform guards silence. Despite publicly boasting in its code of ethics that “transparency” is one of its “fundamental values”, the entity has not responded to any of the requests for information that this diary has sent him about Vendrell’s enigmatic cards.

All this matter is part of the macrocause, with various derivatives, that the Barcelona judge is investigating. Beyond the conversations that months ago came to light of figures from the Puigdemont environment chatting about the possibility that after the illegal referendum of October 1, Russia would send 100,000 soldiers to Catalonia – an anecdote used by some defenses to ridicule the entirety of the investigation-, the Voloh cause accumulates evidence of various corrupt practices for the diversion of public funds. Funds that the judge wants to know if they were channeled into the orbit of Puigdemont in Brussels.

The judge considers that one of the ways to finance Puigdemont in Waterloo (Belgium) could be precisely the ProSeleccions Catalanes Platform. After analyzing the subsidies that the Generalitat has been granting him, the Civil Guard found that the majority gave them directly without public tender. Between 2013 and 2016, he received about 295,000 euros annually, but in 2017 the figure soared to 1.3 million. The justification for this notable increase was the participation of this entity in the Forum Cans Montana in Switzerland. In some of the intervened emails, the protagonists admitted that it was “a political commission”. The entity swims in a confusing sea of ​​politics and sport.

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Vendrell also comes into play in the matter of the suspicious account movements of the entity chaired by Vinyals. To the former Republican councilor, Voloh’s judge ranks him as one of the leaders of several ramifications of the macrocause. He mentions him, for example, as the supposed leader of the anonymous platform Tsunami Democràtic, the convenor of several pro-independence marches that ended in serious disturbances. Too you suspect that you used your political influence to profit in different businesses. One of Vendrell’s companies, Forum 1406, sent various invoices to ProSeleccions. And the Civil Guard later found the aforementioned mysterious false business cards of the Xavier Vendrell Platform’s ‘secretary general’, despite the fact that he never had any position there. One more enigma that must be solved within a complex judicial case.

More separatist than sporty

Founded in 1998 with the “very clear” objective of “Get international recognition for the Catalan teams” – says its website -, the platform, subsidized by the Generalitat, and more political than sports, has been protagonist of various outbursts these two decades. For example, in 2006 he produced a spot where a child wearing a shirt that mimicked that of the Spanish team would not let another who wore the Catalan’s elastic play. And in 2015 they flooded the Camp Nou with stellate flags.

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